New Slimmer ... need help with Healthy Extra As and teas

sally K

New Member
1) Can you eat two portions of the same healthy extra A choice or do you have to pick two different A choices? E.g. 30g of cheddar is one A choice, could I eat 60g over the day as my two A choices?
2)Do you have to pick from one milk and one cheese option or can you pick two milk options/two cheese options?
3) Tea - is all tea free on slimming world? I've really been enjoying different herbal/green teas/ chai teas, etc.

Is the particular kind above free?

Thank you!
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New Member
1. You can have 2 HEAs the same so yes you could have 60g of cheddar (or 80g reduced fat cheddar) in a day
2. No you don't have to have one cheese and one milk, as above
3. All teas are free - if you drink any tea with milk then you would need to use the milk as part of one of your HEAs or syn it

The link doesn't actually show any particularly products - just takes you to the Tesco page!