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New To CD

Hi I am new to this and am on my 5th day of ss.
I am surprised at how good I have been, but I have food on my brain right now lol
I got weighed after three days as I wanted to change my weigh in day and lost 6 1/2 lbs, which I am very pleased with.
The side effects havent been to bad maybe because I am drinking over 4 liters of water each day and peeing for england lol
I know if I dont do this I will be a fatty for the rest of my life.
I would just like to thank you all for posting your pics and showing newbies like me that it is achievable.
the encouragements you all give is wonderful.
I have been having a nosey at all the posts before I decided to join you all.
I am happy now to be part of this community and hope to get to know you all well.
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Hiya Choc

Well done for getting to day 5, gets easier from now on!!

The peeing does get easier!! It is only ever 20 minutes when you finish :-0

Anyway nice to meet you

Welcome Choc.

Well done on Day 5, its Day 6 for me! I had spare packs from my last attempt so have a long wait until next Thursday for my weigh in.

Look forward to hearing of your great losses.

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Welcome Choc and well done for getting to day 5 and on a great loss especially so soon after starting. As Mike says the constant weeing does get better (a bit anyway!!).

well done on getting to day 5.... and good luck with ur weight loss journey.
Hi Choc,

Well done so far.

I am on day four now and I can't believe it is so easy! I wish I had done this ages ago.

I have realised just how many food adverts there are on tv and each one makes me think about eating. No wonder I was a muncher. I am now weeing at almost every commercial break so I won't see them as often!

I seem to have lost 6lbs in 3 days. Yippee!!

Going to try a muffin for breakfast now.
Oh I know what u mean about the food adverts lol everything on the telly revolves around food lol
I just dropped my son off at work and when I drove off I could smell crips lol where did that come from lol I think I have food on the brain, but I am chuffed with myself for not wanting to eat propper food just now.
Its good news about your weight loss, well done you!

ermm and where does the muffin come into all this ?
Please tell me please lol
Hey Choc,

I keep smelling food too! Where is it coming from? lol

There is a thread at the top of the CD section on 'Recipes for foodpacks'. I tried the muffin and it was good. Something to chew on lol. I tried the crisps too but found them really salty. It is nice to have something different to try though cos I am not keen on the soups!
oh Tracy thanks for the advice about muffins lol
I tried it an oh was it good to chew again lol
I think I will make it my evening treat from now on lol
How sad to be getting excited over a muffin lol

Thanks again xxx
Hiya Choc and welcome to minimins well done on getting through to day 5 and well done on the fab weight loss so far :)
S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st12lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
Hi I'm new too. On day 6 and going strong but still quite obsessed with food! Cooking for my kids is torture. I'm really constipated despite drinking loads. Any tips?
Hi irisheyes and well done to you for getting this far. If today (Sunday) is your 6th day then we are on the track lol
My CDC gave me a pot of fibre 89 to help with constipation. Perhaps you should speak to him/her about it.
Good Luck with your weight loss anyway
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Irisheyes, welcome and well done for getting to Day 6!

As Choc says try Fibre 89, I have it in my soup every day and so far no problems. I know others also use physillium husks which you can also add to soups.