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Newbie from sw

Hello! I'm Abby and am doing my first ever week on ww. I had done sw for for ages and never got anywhere ( mainly due to portion control). I have to say I'm loving the propoints plan and the fact I can eat normal food. I have a sweet tooth... What is the best low pp snack to have? I'm used to not being able to have any choc etc on sw.
Abby x
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Good luck on your journey I am sure someone will be able to tell you what the best snack is I have only been doing ww for 2 weeks but I am enjoying it and I have lost 7lb so it really does work

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Meringue nest 1 pp but if u have 2 then it's 3pp

Ww cookies 2pp for a pack of two

Grapes are free

Freddo bars, curly wurly and fudge bars - 3 pp


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If you go to class, mini moments are small choccie bars at 1pp each. A little expensive, but nice.

Meringues are a lifesaver! Big ones for 1pp, mini ones depends on the brand, but 2 or 3 for 1pp.

WW also do a chocolate digestive biscuit finger coated in chocolate for 2pp. Usually around £1-£1.40 a pack from Tesco :)

Fibre plus bars are 3pp each and really chocolatey!

Bought some ice lollies the other day from Sainsburys, rainbow lollys 1pp. Mini twisters are also 1pp, and those skinny cow chocolate dip things are 2pp.

HTH xx
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Some of the weight watchers snacks are great. The choc mini rolls are 2pp and half price in tesco at the mo! They also do mini cookies and caramel wafer bars - also 2pp.
Fruit is free and goes lovely with a meringue nest for 1pp.
I sometimes have caramel snack-a-jacks 3pp for a bag.
Cereal bars... Most are 2pp I think. Special k bliss is nice!
Muller light - most are 2pp. Same with activia snackpots, lovely jubbly. WW do yogurts that are only 1 pp too. Hmm... And one more treat I like to have is sugar free jelly - 0pp!!
Oh! Mars cake bars... Surprisingly only 3pp... Mmm chocolate. (2 for 1 in tesco at the mo too)

Good luck with the diet :) :)

P.s Good call on the mini twisters charlotte-eve... I'm defo getting some of those! ;)
Hi I've been doing Ww for a week now I joined from sw. Hard to get used to but i really prefer it.
So much more food choice and like you said I also struggles with portion control.

I've lost 3.1/2 lbs this week! 1st wi. I'm thrilled as I sts for a while in sw!!
Wow... Thanks everyone for your help, will be checking out the ww bits at class this week and having a look for treats when I go shopping. I'm doing ok so far, really enjoying the diet! We had the ww tikka masala in a jar with quorn the other night and that tasted soooo yummy. Ww is defiantly more normal and healthier I think than sw
Abby x
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Good luck with WW - I have never done WW before either and have been on propoints for 3 weeks and its great.....have to agree that the WW cake snacks are great for chocolate needs, they do a fab WW chocolate brownie which is lush.....

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