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  1. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Full Member

    Hi All :)

    I am new here as of today. I am a Mum of 2 lovely girls aged 5 & 2. I have never had a problem with my weight before but it seems that ever since having DD2 I have struggled to loose the baby weight. I have yo-yo'd between 10 & 11.7 stone. I am 5'3.

    I would ideally like to be just over 9 stone but first goal Id like to get to is 10st7lbs.

    I have tried all the diets but think that slimming world is the most flexible and I now need to just stick to one as Im doing more damage than good.

    I wanted to join online but cant afford the upfront fee just yet & I there are no classes I can go to that fit in with me and my children.

    So Im going to attempt to go it alone.

    I am sick of looking in the mirror and being unhappy!!

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  3. Fatbeautyx

    Fatbeautyx Full Member

    Best of luck Kay! We are all here to support you :) x
  4. Helloo,
    Mum of 2 myself, 18 month old girl & 8 month old boy. Didnt get time to work off the first baby weight before I was pregnant with the second!
    Before I was pregnant I weighed a tiny 8.6... after both pregnancies a huge 12.6, which is alot considering im only 5 ft nothing!
    Im now 11 stone, started dieting around 2 months ago, so it does take time, but worth it in the end..
    Im in abit of a rut atm as im stuck at 11 stone...
    Its tough with children but we'll get there in time :)
  5. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member


    Slimming world is great! Also ring your consultant about taking kids with you, we have mums at our group and they bring them along when there's no option. It only lasts an hour and it generally works quite well. Good luck on your journey! Let us know if you do a diary we can subscribe to!

    x Kayla x
  6. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck lots of other mummies on here for support , lots of us avoiding classes and trying to save pennies you will find lots of great,advice and tips on all fronts
  7. JayKay19

    JayKay19 Full Member

    Thank you :) I did attempt to take my girls to a local class last year and it was just hell. My youngest screamed the place down for a whole hour! I was mortified. I don't end up listening as Im too busy watching over the kids. So far so good although I did blow it at the weekend damn it!! Back on the wagon xx

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