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no weight loss - miserable old bat


Dizzy blonde
Yes that's me! The last two weeks, I've lost about a pound a week, (I rounded up to two pounds cos it was just over a pound last week) but weighed myself yesterday and I have stuck. I'm on CD 810 but reckon I'm eating about 700. Have spoken to two CD counsellors, my LT chemist, and no-one seems to have any answers.

My latest theory is maybe fizzy water is to blame as it has sodium in it, which can lead to fluid retention, so I'm switching to tap. Has anyone got any ideas? Please? I'm so fed up:(:(:( I've also started anti-biotics yesterday, been bitten by mozzies and it's got infected.

Boo-hoo, poor me. I sound pathetic I know.
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At least you aint gained which is a bonus so well done. You know what you women are like, so complicated mentally and physically! Next week will be ok I have everything crossed for you. x


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You have lost 22lb over a stone and half in five weeks and I do not know of any other diet where you would lose that amount.

If you are sticking with your diet the weight will come off...

You have no control how it comes off or when as we are all so different.

I do fully understand your frustration as it is nice after a weeks dedication to your diet to have a reward at the end of the week with a good weight loss.

Last week when I lost nothing... I also did feel a little down over it...but that is just the way it goes.:sigh:

However I have noticed my clothes a lot loser this week:)

Keep up the good work.

(I don't drink fizzy water, so can't help you there... I find it gives me leg cramp.)

Love Mini xxx
aww Cee-Cee, I know how bad it feels when you don't get the weight loss you want, but as Mini said - you've lost 22lbs in 5 weeks and that's fantastic. If you keep to it 100% it will start to come off again:D


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Me too on antibiotics ...... bitten by rabid cat!!! Long story! But I think the fizzy water does make you retain, so tap I think will be better. I also feel the body reaches plateaus and sometimes you can get stuck on these. You need to do something different to give your body a kickstart. When it happened to me over the years, I would add in exercise if I hadn't already or change my exercise to a different type just to shock the body a little into movement. So if I had been power walking I would change to skipping or cross trainer.

But your loss to date in that time is fantastic.....don't let this beat you! Fingers crossed for a big loss next week.


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yes i read it somewhwere today about the fizzy water being a NO NO so give it a miss for this week and see the scales moving, and remember 2lb is a bag of sugar, dont be so hard on yourself.
good luck for this week


Dizzy blonde
Thanks to everyone who has replied. I'm just trying to figure out what is slowing me down. And trying to keep myself motivated is hard so any support is really, really appreciated. Especially Gaz keeping everything crossed. That I would like to see :D


Says it as it is!!!
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Sounds a bit mad hunni but have you tried eating a bit more food, eating different amounts Larger one week and smaller the next can really boost your metabolisum!
Cee-cee, 22lbs is not to be sniffed at, your doing really well.
I've had losses twice of only 2lbs and it is disappointing , you might have a big weight loss next week.
Do you do any exercise? I do quite a bit of exercise so I think this may help.
Good luck for next week.Chin up
dont get disheartened ce-ce you're doing fantastic! as for the fizzy water thing, ive been drinkin a lot of it and my weight loss is pretty slow compared to others...maybe we should both give it a miss for a while lol keep with it chuck :) xx


Dizzy blonde
Nicki – I did think of this, and two weeks ago I did move from LT to CD with add a meal (a very small meal) because LT was making me feel so ill. I still have a lot to lose (I'm 17st) so the weight should be falling off me on approx 700 cals a day. (Actually first week I did CD I was only having 2 shakes instead of 3, by mistake).

I know I've lost 22 lb, but most of that was in the first 3 weeks, I was really pleased then, but it's so hard sticking to the plan with such low losses. I'm going to give up the sparkling water for a week to see if that makes a difference, and I am trying with the exercise, like going for more walks.

I suppose another option is to try an Atkins-type diet for a couple of weeks, see if that fires up my metabolism. Has anyone tried that? I do appreciate the support everyone. :)


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Well I do know that power walking is considered the best exercise for burning fat. It takes your heart rate 20mins to warm up and get to the fat burning stage. So if you walk for 30 mins twice a day you only have 2 X 10mins fat burning. But if you walk once for 1 hour you have 40 mins fat burning. Also you need to be walking at such a pace that if you were talking to a friend you would be breathless. You should build up slowly to this.

I don't think it is good to keep swapping diets. Hang in there and give it another week. Also have you had your thyroid checked? If it is underactive, you may as well bang your head off a brick wall, you will not lose weight. Even if you had it checked a few years ago, try having it done again. It can go underactive at any stage of your life.

The thyroid produces thyroid hormone which controls your metabolism. A simple blood test will show if there is a problem and if there is a tiny tablet a day sorts it. I have it. When it went underactive for me, it got very low before I had it diagnosed and I put up 4 stone in 6 months without eating ANY extra food! So qwould be worth a check.

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