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  1. Rachey1

    Rachey1 New Member

    been lurking on here since xmas and finally joined online tonight.

    i estimated my weight at around 15.7...its actually 16st4lbs OMG.

    so diary to keep me on track, i live alone so it makes cooking a bit easier.

    im on 36PP per day.

    todays food-

    cadbury brunch bar- 4P
    1/4 pint semi skimmed milk for the day- 2P

    2 x sandwich thins (yum yum)- 6P
    100G wafer thin ham- 3P
    Spinich- 0
    1 teaspoon light mayo- 0P (according to the online tracker, is this right??)
    1 boiled egg- 2P
    2 fingers of time out- 5P

    Butternut squash wedges with seasoning- 0P
    Philadelphia chicken (own recipe)- 11P

    For a snack later im going to make a dolce gusto cappuccino and have a punnet of graze treats (2P for coffee, 3P for graze).

    Total PP used- 36PP
    Weeklies used- 2PP

    Weeklies remaining- 47

    Here we go......
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  3. Rachey1

    Rachey1 New Member

    day 2 has not been super. cant believe im starting to crack already....ive still tracked though so hopefully will be ok for the rest of the week.

    1 x small brown bread with margarine- 3PP
    Brunch Bar- 4PP
    Milk for the day- 2PP

    Philly and ham roll with spinich - 6PP

    had mu lunch so when we had a buffet in work i couldnt resist-
    BBQ wrap- 8PP (guess)
    3 x large coconut macaroons- 15 PP
    couple of handfuls of skips- 3PP

    for dinner later im having 6 meatballs, a bit of dolmio and free salad.

    PP used- 36
    Weeklies used- 17

    weeklies remaining- 30
  4. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Following, dont worry about the slip up at least you pointed it and are still within your points so you will be fine for wi

    Good luck
  5. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :)
  6. Gemleybear

    Gemleybear New Member

    i will follow you as I am just starting too! I am still on my simple start week though.did you do simple start, I'm not sure that I like it!

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