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Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh dear,,,,,a factory in my village has blown up about 2 hours ago. I was making dinner and I thought we had an earth quake the shake was that bad...never seen so many fire engines, rapid response teams and ambulances in my life!!! I fear there are many people hurt :-(

It must be bad as it is on Sky News!

So sad!
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Mary
It is on the banner at the bottom!!! They did say they would update as and when they had anything more...ambulances still coming through.....and they are not the usual ones either...specialist ambulances.

The air is thick and it smells.....road is blocked off and no one can get passed.

I worked there many years ago as well..the facory is no more! It is totally devastated...oh, so sad Mary....

Not much happens here but would rather it was good rather than bad!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Membrane and coatings for the Highways mainly; like anti skid/traffic calming, etc....

The company is big, but the factory near me was mainly the manufacturing which housed a lot of drums of chemicals!


Positivity is the key
thinking of you over there, hope all is well with the village and that nobody was hurt in that explosion. Take care


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Hoping the news is as good as it can be Iris xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Folks

Looks as though no casualties; what was said is that the cleaners had a lucky escape!! Still no news as it seems the Police wouldnt allow any one to go near the fire on the night.

We drove along the other day to have a look, but not much to see, as the factory is at the back, although there was a lot of signs to say broken glass! It is on the back of the Sett Valley trail which is used by walkers and cyclists, so not sure whether they have closed that off due to glass.

My friend phoned yesterday to say that their friends had to stay at their house on Friday as the Police wouldnt allow them to go back to their house.

But, all in all, seems ok, but I doubt very much that the people of our village will allow them to set up again!!!! That is just my personal opinion but from speaking to some people at the Health Club last night, they said the same

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