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O/T but need help with a Halloween Costume?!?


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:help2: Okay- I didn't look/think about it at all because I had no babysitter available, but now my Mum (bless!:D) has stepped in and it means I can go to my Hubby's pub's Halloween party- but I've no costume?!?! :d'oh: In all the shops on Saturday the adult costumes were flying out the door so I reckon there'll be cr*p left at this stage- so HELP!?!?! :eek:
I'd ideally like something that makes me look nice (dare I say 'sexy'?) not 'funny' like sexy vampire/witch/pirate etc, but would like to be pretty original seeing as I'm the landlords old lady and have to be seen to have made an effort? And it would have to involve stuff easily available- i.e. not posted as that'd be too late thanks to the post strike!
Any thoughts ladies (& gents?)

BTW- for anyone that was following my saga- I'm re-feeding from tomorrow!;)
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Party shops are usually good and ebay! everyone seems to be finding great stuff on it it can be expensive thou! there is loads of sexy costumes so you wont have a prob dere. Im terrified of dressing up dont know why thou!


A little of everything!
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My problem is time now more than expense (though thats a factor obviously! LOL!) The party shops were selling out of stuff, and Ebay isn't an option because of the post strike at the end of the week?
I've never dressed up before either and am shi**ing myself, so want to look half decent if I'm going to bother? I'll have to try & get to the nearest costume shop in the next day or two...but they had very little left at the weekend....sob!!!
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What about a schoolgirl? I dressed up as a schoolgirls a few years ago for a last minute costume..

Just get an ordinary black or grey skirt (preferably one thats a-line or has a pleat..but a anything would do really) get a plain white or pink shirt (pick one up from M&S or the like) get one of hubby's stripey ties (or again pick one up at tie rack)...then go into somewhere like claires accessories where they have all sorts of stuff that REAL teenage school girls wear, like beads, badges, fingerless gloves...then some bows for your hear...some cheeky red lippy and your done...sexy st. trinians schoolgirl!

Oh and a pair of knee length socks and some shoes with a strap or t-bar...

I know its not original...but at short notice it's better than nothing!


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Ohhhh...thats a definate possibility!! With knee-high socks & black heels. Good one- thanks!! My hubby would like it too I think- not that he's a dirty oul man or anything, but a mini-skirt and fairly bare legs would make him smile for sure!! LOL!


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Eek, I'm afraid I can't help you with ideas for fancy dress, I've never actually been to one, and at my size I'd probably decline right now so I just wanted to say it's fab that you can now go because you have a babysitter but also because you probably have loads of confidence to go sexy!! \o/

Lmao at your comment about DH, I bet he will definitely approve of the schoolgirl outfit, in fact, you may well have to start fending them off at the party =P hehe

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