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O/T.......... but Yippee!!


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Ok, its only provisional, official results not out til 4pm next Thursday but I have my 1st year Midwifery exam results............... I have passed :bliss: :talk017: :banana dancer: :party0049: :party0038:

Was panicking so much about it and making decisions based on if I had failed... I could dance round the room naked!!! LOL Well maybe not yet but another stone and a half, I'd be tempted to run around the garden!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Going to look cool and slim in my uniform when I am back on placement in mid August... will need to buy a belt tho as my trousers are already loose!!

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I *will* be skinny again!
Wooo! Congrats!
You might have to buy a whole new uniform in a much smaller size by then! :D


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Congrats hunni :eek:) xx
Well done!!! How are you finding the training, I would love to be a midwife!
O well done I really feel for you. I've got one at uni waiting for results and I know how hard you all work. Well done


I will be skinny again!!!
Awwww thats brilliant chick!!!

Was it hard?? Id love to be a midwife!
brilliant, well done you x


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Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it was hard but I am the oldest by 6 years on my course and there are only 2 of us over 30!! All the young ones come prepared with their Leaving Cert (A levels) Biology and us oldies have to learn the anatomy & physiology in detail from scratch! That said I understand how LT works far better this time than when I did it 2 years ago and its possibly why I feel more at ease with it... Last night I really wanted to celebrate tho! I did my weekly shop right after getting the results and so wanted to eat but resisted...

Its so worth it tho.. I delivered my 1st baby on my 1st placement, it was amazing. Back in birthing suite in August, cant wait! Its a 4 year degree in Ireland and 3 year degree in the UK, places are fiercly fought over but if you are interested apply, you will never regret it!!

Its suh a priviledge to be at the birth of a new life!!


I will be skinny again!!!
awww its sounds cool!

Im gonna have a look into it.. but im not the smartest cookie lol!
that's fantastic news!! really well done and your new slimline figure will give you even more confidence boost when you start abck at placement!

my friend qualified last summer and loves her new career :)


Here we go again!
That's fantastic news, well done you.

All those ickle babies coming into the world with your help, must be a very satisfying job.


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Hi Theresa,
well done, that's great news, one down only 3 to go. Good for you not celebrating with food last night. Big changes in your life, enjoy them. Best of luck this week.


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Ah Theresa! Now I understand! You must be on top of the world - and deservedly so!

It's damned hard work but sooo rewarding.

Congratulations!! xx


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I know that during my prgenancies and births I couldn't have done without my MW- especially during the second birth (quite traumatic CS!) she was a godsend, and stopped me from completely going into meltdown! It really is an amazing job, and I'm so chuffed you've got into it! Well done!!
That is such brilliant news! What a very rewarding job, wish you all the best.

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