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O/T pet names


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not animal pets but you know 'lovey dovey' type ones :eek:

I call (to our joint shame, but can't seem to stop it) my husband BooBoo

It started when we were watching Friends, and Jennifer Saunders (Emily's mum) called her husband (him from Shirley Valentine) 'Bugger Face' ... so my husband started calling me this (nice) and then I started calling him Buggsy Boo, and it has progressed from there to BooBoo ... which is now his official name, even our little girl sometimes calls him BooBoo instead of daddy.:eek:

go on, share and scare!
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LMAO because our pet names are completely tongue in cheek. I call my BF my red prince because he has red hair, so he started calling me beautiful princess.

HAHA, how silly do I feel telling people that?! We also call each some quite abusive names, that we find funny, like tw*t features and other such things!


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I love this thread lol!

My hubby has a few names for me......ses-which started from a friends child becuse sarah was to much of a mouthful. "The Pud" as in pudding because my dad has called me that for years! And Pumba......yes your thinking lion king arent you and yes you would be right.....he says I snore like pumba! For our first christmas he bought me the biggest pumba he could find and the lion king boxset and I love it I love when he calls me it, strange but true! His every day pet name is gonagon but my fave is moto moto and if you have seen madagascar you will know why!

Oh and when I was preggers he used to call me rave hippo from the jamstar adverts as I used to do the dance and looked bvery much like it but not purple lol!



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i call my hubby honey bunney poo pie or honey bunny for short and sometimes honey bunchie

he calls me kewie, princess, bubs or beautiful

but mostly the swear word names lol


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I call my Hubby Mr Pinchy, it's the lobster Homer Simpson loves then eats!!!! It's basically to do with the episode of friends when phoeobe says about ross and rachel - she's his lobster as they mate for life - sad I know.

He calls me Sweet Pea!


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This is a cool thread...

I call him Penguin, Oi, half-a-job-eason (as he never finished anything he starts...)

he calls me;

P, winger, pretty

and he calls the hamster Little-P (sad I know)

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