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O/T they've only cancelled my bloomin driving test


wants a new body
After all the stress of the weekend the dsa rang me this morning to tell me that my test has been cancelled due to the examiner not being available
so am really fed up now!

for those who don't know

fri/sat flats near step daughter had huge fire
sat/sun youngest step daughter disappeared
mon just as starting tea all power sockets went off couldn't do owt
tues grandson grabbed his dads red hot coffee and poured it all over him
wed driving test cancelled

dread to think what the rest of the week is gonna be like
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Is so very nearly there!
God I would go hide under my duvet and come out next week :(

What pants they given a new date hun


wants a new body
forgot to say that theory test certificate runs out next thursday
and DSA have a test for tuesday
so i not under any pressure lol

and now just realised that next week is half term so now got to find someone to have kids next tuesday


Is so very nearly there!

Lock on bedroom door! hehe!x
Awww Di I am sorry to hear of the misfortunes you have been having.... I know that I am a believer in that everything happens for a reason....

So fingers crossed your turning point will be that you will pass with flying colours..... go get em!!!!

Sending you happy vibes x


Dreaming of being slim!
awww you dont do things by halfs do ya!! your week can only get better hun. i take it your step daughter re appeared? good luck with the test let us know how you go on


I ate my willpower!
:hug99: You poor thing!! I really hope that the rest of your week is good and that there are no more disasters! And I thought my 2 yr old trying the stangle the kittens every five mins was bad!


wants a new body
yes step daughter turned up safe
she went out with mate and ran into someone mate knew and went back to hers and when it got late she said she didn;t want to walk home alone so mates mate told to to stay there and explain to her mum next day so she did!!!!!
never thought to ring her mum who would have fetched her!

well i thought yesterday that because i had finally got my 2.5st award by losing 1lb that the week was getting better but
hubby came in last night at about 7.30pm from work and he's dropped a bloomin washer/drier on his foot so now he not going to work today
i got mock driving test this morning too lol in place of cancelled test and new test is tuesday!!!!


wants a new body
what made it worse with stepdaughter is she lives in leeds with her mum and we live in devon so hubby was feeling very helpless!
its only cos his eldest had a go at her mum that he was even told!!
she reckoned he'd say it her fault for moving them up there!!

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