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Oh no!!!!!! Gmail have done an account lockdown on me


Gone fishing
OMG. They have deactivated my account:eek:

I get this message
This account has been locked down due to unusual account activity. It may take up to 24 hours for you to regain access.

How dare they!! I have loads to do:mad::mad:

Never had any problem with Gmail before. Admittedly I have been busy these evening. Deleted 15,000+ messages and sent about 200, but I would hardly call that unusual.

Oh heck. What am I gonna do. Got to get some work off to my publisher tonight :mad::mad:
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Gone fishing
Sent 200 emails? Seriously :eek:
In batches, not individually;)

Your wee account has probably melted ;)
I think it has. It came back for a moment, but then I had to send a few big files and it's gone again.

Never had that happen with Gmail before. Really hope it comes back properly quick sharp. Got to get some stuff out before bed :(
You know what, KD - I don't know how you have time to sleep!! You're always so busy - blimey! Respect, missus!

Hope the Gmail thingy gets sorted soon!



Gone fishing
Pleased to report that it came back about 3:00am:rolleyes: Couldn't imagine it being gone for 24 hours. Yee, by gum. It gave me quite a fright:eek:
Now what were you doing up at that time, missus?

You need to SLEEP! lol

Erm - don't you?

I can't manage on less than 6 hours a night and even that kills me the next day!



Gone fishing
I'm lucky that I only need about 4 hours. 5 at the most. It's very handy at times:D
Goodness! That's amazing!! I can't imagine what that must be like!

I love my bed, me! lol

Mind you, I bet I would get a load more stuff done too if I didn't need to sleep so much - if I could be bovvered lol!

I've had this problem before with AOL. Basically it was to do with sending 'batch' emails - if you do enough sometimes the system determines that you are 'spamming' people and shuts down your account :eek::eek:

Not necessarily what happened to yours though - AOL is a pain in the neck for certain things.

Glad you got it back :D

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