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OK, my question's anwered, but hippoellie has one in here she'd like an answer to!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I've just put together over 80 thank you cards for thanking our wedding guests and now have 80 envelopes to shut..

Daft question I know - but.. Will the glue knock me out of ketosis?!?!?!?!?!?!

Or do I wait for hubby to wake up (he's on nights) and ask him to lick them all??? *innocent smile*


Thank you!!
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ha ha ha LOL:D

Get yourself a damp sponge and you won't have to lick all those horrible envelopes - the glue is enough to make you sick let alone knock you out of ketosis.

Have a good afternoon sticking envelopes


Wants to be a yummy mummy
lol, may well do that - it isn't really fair to ask hubby to do that anyway!!!!

Lenny - did you find it took you so long to do the thank you cards too?? We wrote the inserts on the flight out to St Lucia (well, about 2/3rds of them, did the rest on the way home!) but making then cards up is taking HOURS!! They're nice though, we've had a 3x2" photo printed of us to go on the front of each card with the word "Thank" above it and "You!!" below it in the same celtic font we used for all our stationary.. The people who have had theirs (I took a load to church the morning after we got back for the choir as we've broken up for the summer now so wouldn't have seen them until September else!) and they all loved them - it's just taking hours!!!


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I just used pre-printed cards (Hubby is a huge fan of loveheart sweets so we had a loveheart sweet theme going - just married sweets, guest book, wedding album and thanks you cards)

Writing them did take a long time but I only had approx 20 off them to write and they all practically said the same thing.

I used a sponge to seal them and franked them at work (with the MD's approval of course and I then re-imbursed the costs into the petty cash box, I saved a couple of pence per card)

Have fun (my hubby didn't do them either but he took the credit when we were thanked)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Sounds a really lovely theme!!!

Yeah, all of ours are pretty much saying the same thing - still filled at least one side of a5 for each one and my writing is fairly small and neat!!!!!!! It's taken hours!!

(lol, no - hubby hasn't written any of ours but then he should be a doctor rather than a nurse, I've seen three year olds with neater scrawl!!!!!!)
LOL Sunflowerbride- you asking this question reminded me of a question I have never dared ask- ahem- are there other non food things that might put us out of ketosis?
And that is all I'm saying!


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I have just spat my water all over my desk:eek: LOL:eek:

It will be worth the clean up just to see a cdc answer that one:D

My apologies if its just me with a filthy mind and you have something completely innocent in mind


Wants to be a yummy mummy
LMAO - that has just made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully didn't wake up hubby!!!!!

*awaits answer to question with curiousity*


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Also interested to see who will pluck up the courage to answer this one. :D


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I'm no CDC but the principle ingredients of "biting your nails" (lol!) are: Fructose sugar, Water, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Citric acid, Enzymes, Protein, Phosphate, bicarbonate buffers (bases) and Zinc.Quantities are tiny though, between 6 and 13 cc's of fluid. So make your own conclusions :rolleyes:

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