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OMG chips

omg what have i done ive just eaten a bowl of chips and a slice of white bread, i dont even know y i did it.

its my second weighin tomorrow and i dont know what to do, i cant believe i did it what should i do?

please help will affect weightin tomorrow or not? ashley xx:cry::cry::break_diet:
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tut tut tut :whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:

Drink plenty of water and stay on SS for the rest of today. Reflect on your feeling before and after eating the chips, maybe there is a trigger point for you somewhere.

PS I'm sure your loss won't be affected greatly.
yeh going shopping with friends cant understand y, ive been so good i was feeling great and then we were getting a drink and next thing i knew i had eat a bowl of chips dont understand i feel so bad
firstly dont beat your self up over it, its done and its gone you cant change it, we all have bad days. the important thing is not to pig out now because you feel like you have ruined everything,you haven,t. just make sure that from now on you stick to it.try having one of your cold shakes hot, honestly its not as bad as it sounds and it seems more satisfying as well. good luck with it,i gave into temptation last week, but i didnt worry about it as i knew that the next day i would be back on track.


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Its in the past now, but concentrate on how you feel now you have eaten them, guilty?, have let yourself down?, keep this is mind and maybe it will help you not to have a slip up next time.

sun x
hey dont worry about it hun we all do it at some point!

just carry on with your packs today, drink plenty of water (so important) .. its important you carry on with your packs or you may loose it alltogether!
thanks im going to weighin i think i need to but just think all the hard work this week was for nothing because i think ill put on now well maybe im not sure just wish i hadnt of done it ashley xx
How's it going now? Are you still drinking plenty of water?

I hope I didn't offend you earlier xx
Oh dear, but dont worry, im sure will be fine. I had my first major slip this weekend, i ate crap all day yesterday, and felt rubbish. My cds been off for 3 weeks, went back today and have lost 7 and a half pounds over the 3 weeks, but i keep thinking of what i COULD of lost if i hadnt of cheated. Stick at it chick, and ull be fine. xxx
I'm glad ashley! phew. :character00238::hug99::flowers:
Ooh did you make a chip butty, I'd die for a chip butty lol. No seriously hun don't beat yourself up about it. It's done now forget about it and keep drinking the water. Good luck for your WI bet it's not as bad as you think.
Just updated my earlier thread, but I'm ok thanks!

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