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omg !!!! huuuge baby x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well had my usual 2 week check with mw on thurs and my little mans growth has shot off the chart , hes always followed the 90th centile so i expected a big un :eek: but now hes just gone off on one :D.
so scan on 16th and another fasting bloods on the 18th just in case.
i have to say ladies im bricking it:eek::eek::eek:. having a prem baby at 30 weeks by c section hasnt prepared me for a normal birth with an elephant :D!!!
but have to say at least alls well and hes thriving , im now over 3 weeks past where i got to with bella and hes supposed to be around 6 lb already so at least if the worst happened and preeclampsia struck again hes in much better shape to join us than bella was .
any way sorry for mad rave but to say im mildly peturbed is an understatement :0)
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I would imagine with your history of having a csection they wouldn't want you to have tooo big a baby because of ? extra pressure on your scar? So I am sure they will be keeping a close eye on you. But as you say should he make an early appearance he will ne a nice healthy weight, hope you havent bought too many newborn outfits :rolleyes:

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
lol no been sticking with 0 to 3 months :0)
the midwife has been checking my scar at each visit ... i know its dumb but never thought it might be due to the possibility of rupture ! duh !!!:0)
just ordered the hypnobirthing book and cd on ebay for only 13.45 including delivery so im hoping this might prepare and calm me for the unknown :0)
Well he is a good little weight.....so like you said if he does decide to come early at least he will be better prepared than your dd!
You never know they may offer you an earlier c-section date around 37 wks if he's a good weight?

I must say tho my mw or consultant have never not once checked or mentioned my scar!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
My son was 10lb 4ozs when he was born by forceps delivery. I'm hoping this one isn't as big..

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
off to the hospital for a scan today to check little mans size , so will know more later :0)
must admit im excited to see him again:D
Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well everything went well , surreal to see him so well and so clearly , his profile was so like my gorgeous girl it was uncanny :0)
anyway not as bad as expected he is on the big side but no too big , hes just over 6lb so that will hopefully have him coming out at term about 8-9lb , not too frightening :D(she sais clutching her innards ever so tightly :eek:)!!
anyway hope everyones well on this gorgeous day
sue x
Glad to hear its all going well. If it's of any help when i was expecting my midwife told me that there was reports of a trend amongst some younger mums to smoke whilst pregnant ( stoopid for a start !!) in the hope of getting a smaller baby,and so a less painfull birth-but they were in for a suprise cos the size of the baby doesnt decide the amount of pain.

Sure you will be fine and he will be gorgeous
Glad all went well, 8-9lbs doesn't sound so bad, my DD was 8lbs 7oz ;)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
lol yeah ive heard that if thier a fair size they tend to help push themselves out withtheir own weight ????
lol !!! sound like im trying to convince myself he !!!:0)
my mum always said that my brother, her biggest 9lbs 3oz, was alot easier to get out that me 6lbs 10oz. i had a growth scan 2 weeks ago (35 weeks) and they estimated my babies weight at around 5lbs 3oz so that sounds pretty average really xx
mine was just over 9lb, i had to be induced but only had 1 hour of active pushing, just as I thought she'd never make it, she shot out bawling with a frown on her face and an apgar score of 10 :)

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