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omg i so p'd off

baby has lost my sky card, she is always pulling it out and hiding it, but i finds it.. but today i cant find it, looked all day, had all furniture out everything.. its no where to be seen :(

just rang sky up to get another card and after giving them my account number, telephone number, name, adddress, password, color of my underwear etc etc they want me t pay £10 for another card? ffs

think i might just cancel it, i am paying £24 a month just to watch repeats and baby tv ...

does anyone know if i cancel it will i still have chan 1-5 bbc extras, itv extras and horror and thriller chan? i have them channels upstairs on another box with no card ..

urghh i could scream lol
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I am sure when we cancelled our multiroom in one of the rooms we still had all the digital channels on the box - but then again the other box was still active.

Have you checked the bin ... my little boy used to love putting things in the bin, especially when something yukky was in there and you'd have to grope through it all.

Good luck!
my girl did this to alot when younger. have you actually checked under the tv? this is where she hid it alot on me..oh and the bin!!!!!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
I agree....the bin possibly amethyst or has she fed it into a slot on a dvd player/cd player or something???

Sorry, I know it's v.frustrating :sigh:
OMG my other daughter found it, in my vase underneath the twigs lol lol... god i feel embarressed now... lol little monkey, have to push my seagrass chest infrount of the tv now instead of her toy box! lol

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
So glad you found it, will you still have to pay the £10, my 2yr old grandson is always doing that to me. I am often found walking around the house on my Knees so I am a similar height to him lQQking in places I would'nt normally lQQk, it works too! lol
hey i found loads of bits and bobs under my sofa :) so in a way it was worth it!! lol my e ldest got a habit of hiding crisp packets and bottle tops under the sofa! ffs

i hung the phone up on sky, i just got no patients, name, address, account number, phone number, password, sorry can you repeat that? pardon sorry i can not understand you? then they go on and ask what color underwear etc etc (ok figure of speech lol) i just hung up.. me and patience dont get on very well.. lol


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Glad you found it!!!!! Find someway of keeping DD's mits off it again if I were you!!! ;):D:D:D:D

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