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OMG im sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!


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oh dear--- soooooo this weekend not been gr8!!! and the sins i wont even try counting up, all from a stupid nite out grrrrgggghhh im so angry with myself!!!! plenty of vodkas n (diet coke lmao) then after being absolutely legless me and my friend decided to have a feast--- with chicken!!! salad, salad cream-oven chips, and WHITE baguette roll with BUTTER on( oooooh dear!!! oh and forgot to mention sweet chillli sensations crisps-LOTS OF!!! I HAVE COMPLETELY ruined my diet(how could i be sooo stupid!!!
i feel like crying
laura xx:mad::mad:
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Ahhh honey don't be so down on yourself! I did exactly the same thing a few days ago when i got my degree results. Had all good intentions but they just went out the window!

Just be glad that you had a good night out and get right back on plan now..if you haven't already! Everyone does it..you just need to NOT beat yourself up about it cos thats when you start thinking ohh one more day off wont hurt lol.

Cheer up hun :) xx


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Hey Laura, chin up and don't worry!
You are only human and have had a wonderful loss so far.
Just draw a line and forget about it.
Start your food planning again and you'll do great. Really. Don't think that you are bad and give up. You are NOT!
You had a wonderful time. We all need that sometimes. Just don't make a habit of it and don't let it carry over to another day and then another!
Good luck and hugs!

Sonia xxx


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Hi Laura! Please don't get yourself down, just draw a line under it and start again! We've all done it plus it's really hard to resist temptation after a few drinks!! :)


I have my mojo
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Hi Laura :D

I have to echo what everyone else has already said! I must admit, every tme I go out I throw the diet out the window. Just low syn for the rest of the week as damage control. If I know that I'm going to have a night like that I pre-plan and save the syns. You might just want to try that next time.

Chin up and optimise to the max for damage control and I'm sure you'll be fine sweetie :D

K xx


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you havent ruined your diet, if you were doing it every day for weeks then yes but one day in a while no! we all do it, just get back to normal the next day. you will be at your target in no time at all!

G: 10st10lb
Hi Laura, the diet is only ruined hun if you don't intend to get back on the straight and narrow, and I'm sure you will do that starting right now. Pick yourself up, put this behind you and focus on the road ahead. No body is a saint 100% of the time - not even those without a weight problem - the difference is they don't carry on in self distruct mode. They have a good time and then get straight back to eating normal, and that is what you need to do. Don't beat yourself up about it, you had a good time and enjoyed yourself, remember recrimination is a dieters enemy so don't go there. Move on to a brighter day. xx


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I agree with all the comments above. It's only one day, draw a line under it and go back to the plan. You won't have done that much damage, lets call it flexible syns!

Scarlet Daisy

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As my SW consultant would say...

"Did you enjoy it? Good! Now get back on track for next week!"
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I agree. Just refocus and get back on track. Better to correct it now then later. Everyone has blips now and then! Its how you deal with them that counts! x


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Oh, don't worry, you haven't ruined your diet, just draw a line now and forget it and get right back onto the plan, with luck your body will not have registered the food if you start again right away, we all do it so you are not alone in this, I've been there, got the Tee shirt etc...so just forget it and get back on track now.
OH wow that was fun wasn't it (LOL) !! The good thing is that tomorrow is a new day and you will and can get back on plan. Some times a deviation from the plan ( as a one off) is actually a good thing , it can kick start the system and if you get back on the plan and stick to it, you may see a good loss over the next few weeks.

Good luck

Phil x

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