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On christmas day


The Minis Bad Boy
I couldn't make it up if I tried. Stumbling home from the pub at 2am (via the kebab van) and I see 2 police cars. On closer inspection there is a guy dressed as santa face down in the snow being arrested and I stumble up to the police (cheesey chips in hand) and say "I'm glad somebody finally caught that c**t santa he's such a prick." And I GET THREATENED WITH ARREST!!!!!! What a world we live in.
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Silver Member
I have an inkling what may have troubled them......

they obviously knew you were on SW and had fallen off the wagon. The only way to stop you was by threatening to arrest you. :p

Seriously though, you tinker!!! No chrissie pressies under your tree today from Santa. I bet he's real mad! :Na_Na_Na_Na:

p.s. i have just read out your tale to my hubby and he's still chuckling.


The Minis Bad Boy
Yes sorry ladies. I was drunk and I dont believe myself when I say I called santa the c word. Not nice.

But it was amusing seeing the policewomans face contort in horror before shouting at me.


Full Member
They were concerned that dealing with a cheesy chip wielding SWer was stopping them getting to the donut shop.... ;-)


The Minis Bad Boy
haha I never said I didn't buy anything else. I only had cheesey chips left.


Silver Member
Thats what happens when you swear in public and to rub it in you do in from of a colleague.

Nice to see you sticking to SW..... how many pints ? and a takeaway flexi syns day or week ..LOL