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OT Been poss offered a job... asking what I'm looking for as hourly rate... help!!


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I'm in talks with a family about being their part time nanny. The mother is asking what I want as an hourly rate. Is Mon, Weds, Thurs and Fri, 3.15 to 6.30, looking after two school age children. She asked if I'd be prepared to do some housework if she paid extra as well.

Not really sure what to say I'm looking for. Looked online and no job ads give the pay rate! Anyone got any experience of this kind of thing to know what's the going rate?
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Hey hon
Is it just for 1 hour and 15 mins every day??
Are you prepared to do the housework too..
I pay my cleaner £8.50 an hour but she is just a cleaner so not to sure x


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3 hours and 15 minutes. Yeah I'm prepared to do housework, I generally don't mind it really!

And you're looking great by the way!


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Oh ok as you put 3.15 to 16.30..
Thats cool...... why dont you ring an agency and see what they charge and then take a bit off as they would charge agency fees.......
Thanks hon xxxx
i could do with hiring you too caroline lol! i've got no idea.. its 13hours right? minimun age is £5.80 currently, how much above this is it worth? youre looking after 2 kids so thats a lot of work... i'm a nurse and get £11 an hour so i'd say somewhere inbetween that. £8 an hour would give you £104 a week for 13 hours thats pretty good going eh? do u have to pay tax off that too? i'd prolly say £100 a week would be my limit to pay out for that kinda thing, but she might be willing to spend more?


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Ah whoops, changed it!

I was thinking like £100 a week. £7-10 seems to be the usual rate. Also, that's a good amount for me, covers my food, travel and bills.

To be honest, I just need a job! Also, if I did that, I could possibly afford CD again.... but then I might just stick with the calorie counting so that I learn, even if the hard way.


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As a rough guide childcare in this area is about £3 to £3.50 per hour per child, so I'd say go at the £8 mark if she wants you to do some housework too :)
Hi Caroline

I don't know about this kind of employment at all and have spent most of my working career in the public sector where salaries are not usually negociable.
When I went back to uni as a mature student I found myself looking for and getting work in the private sector (as a nurse). I didn't seem to know the rules but quickly discovered that I could command a higher rate of pay as I had a specialist qualification for the work I was doing. I wouldn't have felt comfortable in asking so thankfully the prospective employers brought up the issue.
So don't be shy (like I was) about aiming for the higher end of the going rate if you bring some valuable experience/knowledge to the role. Good Luck x