PET'S CORNER - for all those with furry friends..


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As it's our kitten's birthday today - she's one year old - awwwww! - I thought I'd start a thread celebrating our 4 legged loved ones.

This is Milly Minx and she's a very schmoo-ey little girl who bumps you with her little bomb-head for attention but won't come and sit in your lap cos there's far more exciting things to do, like terrorizing birds and meeces!

We also have 3 goldfish !

Erm - yes - that will be fine (*phew* ). I did think about putting 4/2 legs but thought that the attached posters might classify their partners as furry friends and could cause confusion....or something..........hehe

Thats okay then and there is Bracken my 5 year old labrador/dane cross who thinks he is 5 months old and wants to jump on everyone:p

He currently is in love with the hosepipe and constantly wants soaking:rolleyes:

Scrufts supreme champion

This is our pooch Pepper who won the title of 'Supreme Champion' of Scrufts in Doncaster a couple of years ago. That officially made her the scruffiest dog in Donny! ;)

She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Miniature German Schnauzer cross and about the size of a cat. She's got such a fab temperament: you can do anything with her ... as you can see my kids wrapped her in a blanket like a baby! :rolleyes:

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Hi Linda,

If you have any photos, it would be lovely to see Saffy and Bracken.

My sister brought her children to a pet and the had the pick of the shop what they could have as a pet, to join all their cats, dogs, birds and goldfish at home and they picked this white mouse who had three legs...Love is Love.

Love Mini xxx

Do you think it is true that pets take after their owners?

Love Mini xxx

What a cute little face on your baby dog, looks a little bit like my yorkie... is Pepper nice to the postman? Must sort out some pics' of my baby dog.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini
Pepper isn't so much of a baby anymore ... she's now 4 years old but still looks much like she does in the photo - in fact people think she IS a pup because of her scruffiness and size.

Is she nice to the postman? She's nice to everyone ... she'd probably wag her tail at a burgler and lead them to the stash! (They'd be disappointed by the way ... our 'stash' consists of an empty Maltesers bucket half-full of pennies and twos!)

Our last dog was a Yorkie ... Maisie. She was a pain in the posterior quite frankly - a huge dog in a small body: talk about attitude!
Unfortunately, she legged it out of my front door one day and was run over by a taxi :(

We didn't think we'd be able to get another dog as it was so upsetting losing Maisie but I heard about these strange cross breed puppies and when I saw Pepper, I just knew we had to have her. She's the best dog I've ever had - the Mary Poppins of dogs ... practically perfect in every way. :D

Debbie x
My girls aren't furry they are feathery as you might have guessed by my username :)

I love the girls to bits and 2 of them came and snuggled down on my lap when I laid out on the sunlounger yesterday much to the disgust of one of my 3 cats (the one without the tail) who was waiting in the wings so to speak!

We have 3 chickens, 3 cats, a glorious wifelife pond, a lizard who lives at my mums (for his own safety as my 3 year old loves him!) and tropical fish.

With the exception of the tropical fish, we always do rescue or 'second hand' animals. :D

Ahh a place in space for the pets..lovely..:D Ive 2 dogs...doberman and a golden retriever...lovely pair....
both were rescued dogs and now i fear they cant live without each other!! we also have alot of fish.... :D
Forgot to say .....

Hope Isobel's pussy gets lots of special attention today! ;)

Happy Birthday Milly Minx!!
Debbie x​
Aaahhh, this is a nice thread. I've got two cats that I love to bits. I have a male, long haired black cat (see my avatar) and a female tortie. They are both getting on in years but sometimes still act as though they are lickle kittens.
Mini said:

Do you think it is true that pets take after their owners?

Love Mini xxx

Yeah - my pussycat is warm and loving but retains a sense of dignity - hahahhahahhahhaha!
Russiandoll said:
Forgot to say .....

Hope Isobel's pussy gets lots of special attention today! ;)

Happy Birthday Milly Minx!!​

Debbie x​

Aww thank you, Debbie - she did get a lot of pampering, bless her - the house reeks of salmon now! Eeeuuuuwww! lol
Ive been in absolute peices this weekend, i cant stop crying, even typing this im sobbing.

my darling Jacob cat had a heart attack on Friday lunchtime, and is paralysed. hes only 4. hes is such a special boy.

today i visited him in the hospital and he looks so sad, like its all too much for him, just lying on his side, he diddnt even lift his head. it was noisey with dogs barking and doors slamming in the ward, so i asked if i can bring him home. im collecting him at 6pm, to bring him back home, to familiar surroundings and smells, to be at home with us, and his brother who is desperatly missing him

ive got a syringe to try to feed him and get liguids in him, and i have to massage his legs to try to do some form of physio to see if it helps him. weve all been in tears all weekend. even my husband broke down sobbing

im hoping that bringing him home, may help him get better. at least its quiet here. he can sleep peacefully and get some rest. hes not used to noise, we live so quietly at home.

its heartbreaking, our pets are our family, Jacob bonded with me from the tinest kitten. he sleeps on my chest. he paws my leg when im not paying him attention, he talks to us, he really does, we say something and he chirrups back to us. he follows me everywhere. i love him to bits.

im off to get him soon, and bring him home.
so heres to my Jacob
Oh DB - I'm in tears reading that, hun. I'm so sorry about poor little Jacob!! You're doing right by bringing him home to be with his family.
I do so very much hope that he recovers soon.
Massive HUGS to you all.

thanks, xxx, keep your fingers and toes crossed for Jacob. hes survived 2 days and nights, i just hope hes strong enough to get through this, he was on oxygen and had to have a lung drained, but everything inside is ok and his bladder and bowels are ok, his tail is twitching, so theres life in that, and the vet says she can feel a pulse very faint in both hind legs, so weve just got to get him rested and stronger, and taking food, and get them legs working again
Oh bless him! Poor little boy must feel so confused! Bet he can't wait to be back in your arms.
I will certainly be keeping everything crossed for him - please let us know how he's getting on.