please help


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92.70 x 2.204 = 204.3lbs or lbs


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thank you blackrose ,, see i keep weighing myself on a different scales at home and i should not ,, but im 7 pounds lighter on it then chemist lol so it gives me a lift ,, chemist is right tho 14/8


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Hi fairy I put the link to the site that i use every week to convert from kilos to stones/pounds
hope it helps


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thanks guys , ive changed to pounds now :)

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:( I do that get weighed at home have a great loss & then go 2 chemist & then its not so great,:cry: :cry: must stop it/will stop it & then hopefully get a nice surprise..:D :D


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what setting are your pharmacists scales set to?
Metric (kilos) or Imperial (stones/pounds)?

1 stone = 14 pounds

If 102.5 kilos is what was measured, the conversion to stones is as follows:
102.5 kilos = 226 pounds
224 pounds = 16 stone exactly
so, 226 pounds = 16st2

or, the other way around (if 16st4.5lb was measured on scales)...
16st4.5pounds = 224+4.5 = 228.5 pounds
228.5 pounds = 103.6 kilos

hope that helps.

good converter is: Weight Converter


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I've decided i ain't going to be weighing myself at home. I'd rather just wait until the end of the week to find out at the pharmacy. :)