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Hey people
need a bit of input cant decide which outfit to wear and would like some opinions please ....... only nice ones though tee hee


P.s. Katy - recognise the jess dress by any chance - I bluddy got in it its still a bit tight mind but I flippin got in it and thats all that matters - cant breathe either but hey ho minor details!!!!

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Lovin it !!! :)
hey they all look good !:D

I like the purple dress best (last pic - dead sexy)- depends where ya going though..................
oh and who with - he he :p

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Okay, I do think the purple dress is very lovely (cocktail party etc)however for a Casino night...... I think the red is striking and flattering. It's daring and I think you should show off your fab new shape. That's the one that caught my eye. Great skirt too.



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I can't choose between the second or third, but for a casino, I would go with the third. You look gorgeous in them all though!


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aww, i do like the third one, it's the most dressiest, so usually I would have said that and if you feel like dressing up really glamorous, that's the one; but I really like that red top. Something really nice about it.hmmm...i can see.. I'm not helping
thanks for the replies everyone I appreciate it - Im hoping the poll will last as long as possible to get alot of opinions.

I had to do a photo of the pink dress as it was one of my goals to get back in it and I am - 'just'.

The red top I would prefer to wear with cream trousers so will probably look for some this week and I love the purple dress but dunno if its a bit low cut or not.

Am off to bed now and will be back in the morning but thanks all again I really appreciate the input it means alot.

The second outfit definitely - love it :) - well I love all of them, but that one really caught my eye xx
Hey everyone thanks so much for the input I really appreciate it.
I have bought a pair of cream trousers to go with the red top as I think I feel the most comfortable in that one, but who knows a few more days off ssing and I may feel better in the purple one. will see how I feel on Friday night...... will let you all know

thanks again for your opinions


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The purple is gorgeous, but i agree with other posters - red for the casino. You look lovely in all the pics! X

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