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Poo soreness and ketosis!!

I've been all constipated (helped a little by senna) and sore. PCOS acting up too. What I think are my kidneys are all sore and tender too, though prob to do with constipation and here's the kicker...I'M NOT IN KETOSIS!!! I've wee'd on two sticks and they're pale as me!

I don't know wtf's going on, but the chemist better have some answers for me in the morning! grrrrrrrr
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Are you really hungry? Im sure the pharmacist can give you something for your sore bum. I think your kidney's being sore is a strange symptom. I suffer with kidney and bladder infections and all the water is helping so far. I really hope this is just a few bad days for you and you will get back to normal. you seem to have alot of things wrong this week so definitly discuss them all with your pharmacist or doctor coz you dont want to risk your health.
i'd take 1 dulcolax.they were the only thing that helped me.don't be tempted to take more than 1 though(as i was) as it's not pleasant lol x
ppl say that the ketostix are not very reliable and don't use them.
if your sticking to LT then surely you gotta be in ketosis?

maybe you should go for a check up with the nurse or you gp just to be on the safe side x
i know people on here haven't found ketostix terribly reliable. if you're sticking to it 100% then you absolutely will be in ketosis :)
Aww Rose I feel your pain. I too suffer from the sore poo. I take pysllium husks and once a week (my Saturday night carry out) I pop a Senokot max. It sorts me out for the week. If I didn't do that I reckon I'd need a guttin out. Not too sure about your kidneys. They shouldn't be sore. Although I do get awful pressure pains in my back and around the bottom of my tummy when I really really need to go. Get the doc to check that out.

As for the ketosis sticks - Bin them. I've been told by the chemist and a doctor that they can be rubbish. Lots of different factors affect them. You know you are in ketosis. You have stuck to the plan 100%, you've drunk plenty and you've lost loads of weight! *hugs*
Thanks ppl. Pharmacist wasn't there, just a girl who told me to drink more watre and take three senna a day. Methinks not.

Think What you describe Betsy is what I have so maybe NOT kidney pain (hypochondriac? Me? never! hehehe). Yip, dulcomax on saturday it is.

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