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Poorly toddler

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I need a rant!
My 4 y o attends nursery full time and is constantly ill. He will pick up every bug going. This last month we have had a cough and cold to deal with, on top of at least 2 stomach bugs.
This latest one is causing him to whinge day and night. my husband is zero support, simply chooses to blame me for him being ill.
I suppose what I wondered is can you recommend anything that would help him buuild up a resistance. He already takes liquid vitmains. Am thinking of packing him a bottle of antio bac gel in his backpack but I dont want to turn him OCD!
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Hi, don't worry my little girl was exactly the same when she started nursery , I seemed to forever be at the doctors , and then you start questioning yourself as to whether their really poorly etc ! Certainly a very trying time! I put my little girl on a vit syrup too ...then stopped it , she was still getting poorly either thou she was taking it ! The best thing you can do is ride it out , each and every bug he picks up will be building his immune system up for later life xx it's awful and you have my sympathy , there's nothing worse than someone Sayin "
It's because their going to nursery " but sadly it's true , he'll get better thou ! I remember my little girl once had a cold from September to the following march constantly streaming nose etc x and ppl used to ask stupid things like " has she been wrapped up well " grrrr lol
Hold on In there , my little girl rarely gets poorly now she doesn't get a cold she gets a sniffle etc and shes only 4 ( started nursery at 11 months ) and I wouldn't get the handgel let him be exposed to the germ build up his defences xx
S: 16st0lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.23%)
Thank you for your advise, I thought the same about the anti bac, best let them build up an immunity. I am also fed up of the comments of others like, oh hes always poorly isnt he!!
My 2 year old, also in nursery gets the occasional sniffles but seems alot more resilient thankfully.
Ho hum, onwards......!
Your welcome , I had comments from
Others like that , Sayin that there must be something to do with her immunity etc etc I even went to the doctors and asked them to check her immunity levels to which I was told in an ever so nice way that there was nothing wrong with my child other than childhood illnesses ! Doesn't help at the time though does it makes you feel like ur doing something wrong ! I'm very sure it will pass very soon ! X take care and be proud Least you know their bodies working right ! X
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Very much agree with that. My 18month old went to nursery at 10months and boy he was ill every week with everything! Constantly wheezing, then conjunctivitis frequently, then whinging all day long.

Ride it out, definitely, I can safely say after 6months my boy is now rarely ill, x


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