Punch up in Sainsburys!!


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Can you believe this! Women were fighting in my local Sainsburys this morning over......wait for it.......


Because they were marked down to 1p each!!! Yes 1p!!!

Whatever next!! I did get some thought I could give them to my kids mates...since we seem to have a full house almost every night at the moment!! So I'm going to unwrap them all....without eating them luckily chocolate isn't my weak spot! and put them in a jar with help yourself on!! Oh I got 80!!! thats 80p!! Thats 2000 small chocolates! I think the kids will love me!!

Bargin or what!!
ace bargain hunter !!
Ahhhhh - I've just posted on your other thread CA wondering why on Earth you were dismantling 80 advent calendars!! Mystery solved!! :D
Nuthin like a scrap in the local supermarket - if there is a more beautiful sight - i've yet to see it.

Poetry in motion.

They are just so perfectly Xmas them Advent calanders.