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Rasp/Cran Bars - are they new??

Deb G

Silver Member
Had my usual supply of R&C bars given to me last night, and when I opened it today for my break I was very pleasantly surprised (if mroe so than usually!).

They are normally quite dense and chewy (yum) but this time they were more like Rice Krispies - light and airy (double yum:D). Have I had a stray bar or have they changed??:confused:
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Happily pro pointing!
I don't take the cran bars, but the crispy nut are definitely different. Darker in colour, lighter in the bite and I think a little sweeter too, still nice though.
Both the craberry and crispy peanut were changed the last couple of months. My LLC said they were trying out a new process for making them.

But they proved so unpopular that they have now reverted back to their old ways. Which is a massive relief for me as I HATED the new ones.
my LL counsellor told the group last week that the peanut bars had changed in consistency as they now produce them at a different factory, still the same company but maybe they are making them in a different way.
Everyone in my group was raving about the Cranberry bars, but they were out of stock for a few weeks.

You can imagine the excitement when they came back in.

Took one with me this morning to the coffee shop full of anticipation.


Ridiculously sweet. Hard as nails - actually made me feel quite sicky after I'd had it.

Glad I only had one. Definitely preferring the toffee bars - far more palatable.

Deb G

Silver Member
ha those cranberry bars i've cracked my root canaled tooth on one this morning - got an appointment tomorrow morn to get it redone :-(

Great to hear that it's all going so well Ali - oh I can't wait to be there :)
i dont like the new peanut bars- they taste burnt :(
hehe- cheers mate!
omg why!? they are my favourite ones ever! best part of my day! (how sad is that! lol)
Kellie=];516711 said:
hehe- cheers mate!
omg why!? they are my favourite ones ever! best part of my day! (how sad is that! lol)
They used to be mine!!!! I deprived myself of bars and stuck to one shake for a few weeks to try and get me back on track (didn't work!)

Now I'm back, raring 2 go... and having a nibble on a bar.....

...... Am I the only one who has heaps of spare bars/shakes/soups in every flavour LOL

I could becum a LLC :eek:
I have like 10 spare ones- which cant be bad after 6 weeks. some nights I just cant get another one down x

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