Carpe diem
Week 2 and I've lost another 2lb ... not exactly setting the world on fire but in the right direction at least :)

So to all my lovely sponsors who've offered 10p per pound ... that's 40p that should be in your little boxes now :D


Start: 16st 2lb
WK1: 16st (-2lb)
WK2: 15st 12lb (-2lb) => 4lb

Next weigh-in Fri 27th
10p per lb from me as well hun. u r doing great. xxx
Thought you might like to see the cards I'm making to sell (probably at the local car bootie) to try and boost the funds a little for The ARC.

I've created a little character using my thumb print and called him 'Thumbody' :)

Thumbody cards 004.jpg

Thumbody cards 005.jpg

Thumbody cards 009.jpg

Thumbody cards 011.jpg
Debbie, Your cards are fantastic!!!

I love cards and I think these are absolulety lovely.

They look so well made.

I can't read what each little thumbody says:cry:

Can you help out:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Oops - there's a typo on one of them (which has since been put right!) but the general gist of the messages on the cards are things like 'Thumbody loves you', 'Thumbody says Happy Birthday', 'Thumbody says Get Well Soon' etc :)