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  1. Wilmaholla01

    Wilmaholla01 Member

    Hey everyone, my names Adam and started SS on Monday so now am going into Day 5! I've only been drinking the 3 shakes and am above 5'8 because i wanted rapid weightloss initally fearing that i would get demotivated if it didnt happen..
    Now i'm having trouble sleeping, the headaches are still here but to lesser extent and more so, whenever i exert myself my hearts noticable in its pounder (if anyone knows what i mean) before and after!
    Should I be having another shake as specified for me as a man above 5'8? is this the reason for the side effect? really need some advice on this so any feedback at all would be so greatly appreciated!! :)
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  3. Wilmaholla01

    Wilmaholla01 Member

    I meant my hearts noticable in its
  4. Fuzzys Angel

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    You really MUST have 4 shakes as you are 5ft 8ins & a man having only 3 shakes you will not be getting enough nutrients that your body needs. How much water are you drinking? You may also be dehydrated ideally you want to be drinking between 4-6 litres per day, it'll make a huge difference to your weight loss & stop any light headyness (sp) & headaches.

    i'm sure icemoose will be along at some point & explain properly about why it is so important that you take all 4 shakes & not dropping any. With the correct amount of shakes you will still see a rapid weight loss. If i remember correctly in the first week my son (Razorbladelove) lost 10lbs.

    Hope this
  5. flirty40greeneyes

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    Hi Adam - you MUST have 4 shakes. You need all the nutrients and not only will you feel yukky not having the 4 you could actually find that you lose less weight not more. See this thread ...

    Make sure you are drinking plenty of water - and evenly spaced throughout the day.

    Men lose the weight quicker than women normally - and women can easily lose a stone a month on SS. How much are you hoping to lose in total??

    This is Mike (Icemoose's) blog - which has to be the best ever! MyCambridgeLife
  6. leehal

    leehal Full Member

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    The fact that you are a man means you must have 4 shakes regardless of height.
  7. KramRolyat

    KramRolyat Full Member

    Hi Adam. I agree with the people above but I just want to focus on your fear as I had the same one, would I really lose.

    I'm only on day 11 and as you'll see from my signature I lost 12lb in my first week. That was achieved by sticking to the rules...

    I drank 5 ltrs of water a day during the working week and more at the weekend.

    4 meals a day = 12lb.

    The diet is formulated to work in the healthiest weigh for you...As my wife said to me...don't think ohhh my CDC say's this but I'm on a diet so I should have less to make it really work.

    Stick to the rules and it will work.
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  8. DQ

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    Hello and welcome Adam :wavey:

    WSS :)
  9. SteveM

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    You really must stick to the rules - you will be ill otherwise. The packs are specially formulated to give the body what it needs to keep going whilst you are in ketosis. You start bending the rules, the diet will not work as well. When I was doing LL, overall I lost 7st 4lbs in just over 5 months .... that is fast enough for anyone. There was a guy doing LL at the same time as me, and he tried to make his own rules to speed things up, and his weight loss was atrocious. The counsellor said that instead of going into ketosis, his body had gone into "starvation mode" and was holding onto everything it could. His body thought there was a famine and went into panic mode.

    Just stick to the rules and you will be fine. Break them and you will not.

  10. sazzy34

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    Just ditto what everyone alse says, Trust the diet Adam and you won`t go wrong.
  11. Wilmaholla01

    Wilmaholla01 Member

    I just want to say thankyou so so so much to everyone for all your advice!! The support is here is just great and to feel that as a newcomer and someone just started, seeing all the success stories gives me so much motivation!

    I've started taking the 4 shakes a day and i feel much better! Thank God! Hope it of luck with everyone's weekly weigh-in, and with the diet in general! I'll update with my weigh-in on Mon! Best of luck to everyone and thanks so much again :)

  12. spudsbit

    spudsbit Full Member

    So pleased that your finding the site helpful..... and well done on the 4 Shakes thing...... your doing the right thing.

    Good luck for your weigh in,
  13. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    Right on dude! Stick to the rules and you'll see great losses and get to where you want to be in no time.

    Take care,
  14. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    So glad things are going better for you mate :cool:
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