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Restart tomorrow + OT question


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Well im restarting tomorrow after my illness last week. Raring to go, have been weighed..... 22st 5lbs. Disgusted with myself but i suppose itll never get that high again. Makes me more determined if anything.

OT question time....
I have bought a lovely bag off ebay, thing is its a wee bit pongy from being in packaging etc. (hate that smell) So i ws wondering if id be able to bung it in the washer? Its 100% cotton with a lining inside but no zips. Hope so as i want it for my hols.
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Hi LLVirgin,

I hope u are feeling much much better! Its great u are raring to go, good on u, its all small steps but makes a huge difference and I actually like those shakes!!
With the bag I'd throw it in but, put it in a pillowcase, and set it at 30 degrees just in case its delicate material. If you are still nervy about it just febreeze it!


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Thanks for the reply, ill do the pillowcase thingy. Also congrats on reaching your size 10 goal. Youll be a lovely bride :)
Thanks LLVirgin, the time actually flew by for me...it was challenging though. You will lose what u want too no doubt about it! x


Here we go again!
Welcome back on board! It is great that you are raring to go and like you said, you will never see that weight again on the scales after today.

Good luck, drink plenty of water and you will be fine.
Hey LLVirgin - my first weigh in before LT disgusted me too - we're in the same boat here - a hell of a lot to lose! I'm with you all the way!

As for the bag I agree with the above - low heat, pillowcase - or Febreeze! xxx


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Thanks for the replies guys. Makes me realise i dont have to do this alone. Ohtobeslinky im glad your with me all the way, its gonna be a long journey though! Tbh im just focusing on getting under 20 stone then ill go from there. I think if i focus on the full goal ie 12 stone off to healthy BMI id end up going mad and giving up. After this then ill have to reassess my goals.
Hey there,

Nice to have you on board. I predict that in 4 weeks you will be under 20 stone, full of enthusiasm and be looking to the next target! Really well done on starting- it's not easy but you'll do it hun- we're all here for you


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