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Rewards? When, what and why?


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Ive been thinking about this recently. I'm still very much in the zone of food rewards, "ooh I had a good week I deserve a biscuit" kind of thing.

What do you all do to reward yourself and is it food based or are you more sensible? Do you reward a half stone, a particular milestone, a stone, moving down to the next stone bracket or all of the above? I have lots of mini targets but am yet to officially pat myself on the back when I meet one!! Ideas welcome :) :)
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I set my mini goals regularly. I set a weight loss/number to get to, put a reason why, and give a timescale - so for example, at the end of May I have a family wedding. so my goal looks like this:

Time: By 21st May
Goal: To lose 7lb
Reason: To have a nice family photo at the wedding.
Reward: To get the photo printed and framed.

I also have goals for weight, clothes size and fitness (running). I don't use food as a reward - that's how I got to where I was!!!


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I remember reading some great advice by Dr. Phil that asked why we would reward ourselves with the very things that put us in need of weight loss to start? Are calorific treats a reward or punishment? This totally resonated with me & so my aim going forward is to have a "healthy reward" - spa stuff is always a treat!!

Here's a quote.
"How have you rewarded yourself when you’ve lost weight in the past? I ask because it’s important to celebrate your achievements every step of the way, but let’s talk about exactly how you’ve been rewarding yourself. For instance, have you ever found yourself jumping off the scale, thrilled with your new weight, and then racing to the nearest form of junk food because you’ve “earned a reward”? You might think, “I’m down 10 pounds! I have got to get me a few slices of pizza!” How ludicrous is that? Now that you’re losing weight in the right way, I don’t want you to jeopardize it by “rewarding” yourself with what really amounts to a punishment."


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I like that and it makes sense. Someone once said to me that why reward yourself with food, you are not a dog! Fair comment really.

So far the weightloss in itself is its own reward but I'll be looking to things like nice shampoos and body stuff :)
Edit: oh and clothes when it becomes possible!!
I like that and it makes sense. Someone once said to me that why reward yourself with food, you are not a dog! Fair comment
I really chuckled at this but it's do true. It's all the 'I deserve this cream cake/take away/ bar of chocolate etc' that got us over weight to begin with. I am hoping to book a holiday for later in the year
So I'm hoping my reward while be much smaller, nice holiday clothes and some holiday photos :D although I will still reward myself with a meal out. Like last night we went to frankie and bennys and I got the spag bol which is yummy and I just over estimated the syns for any oil. Delish. (I did follow with chocolate but that's another story...)

I think it's good to have goals and rewards. It works for children so why not us :p hehe!


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But would you if you hadn't lost? Is it just that the free time after weigh in and before the next day is "free" time? Almost like it doesn't exist or is it a reward? :)
More free time I think it keeps me sane like last night I had a korma or I will get a bag of my favourite crisps I don't go like Madly insane that's hard to when you are already hahahaha


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I was going to treat myself for getting my club ten. I wanted the new hairy dieters book.

Instead I bought some new trainers.

Not quite the same but felt it was a big achievement so warranted a decent reward. Plus they are pink and retro and beautiful

A non food reward!!


To keep me motivated and keep going, for every stone award I take my daughter on a day out somewhere. 1st stone award was beamish, 2nd stone award was eden camp, we have just completed my 3rd stone award day out yesterday which was yorkshire zoo and my 4th stone award is Scarborough. We have trips and days out for every stone award right up until target which is legoland. Highly motivated for me, as I helps me to gain confidence been in new places surrounded by strangers and every day out trip I am one stone lighter every time so I notice the difference physically and also mentally. I become happier and also its bonding time with my daughter, she calls me "fun mummy" now as im more active and want to get out and have fun. It's addictive! So I am enjoying this time around doing slimming world and I have been in the zone for 21 weeks and haven't gained :)

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