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Rubbish :(


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So i had to leave work early today, have come down with some fluey-like illness (don't say swine flu!). Sore throat came on Wednesday night and chest tightness, cough followed yesterday. Today's fun included red tired eyes, pain on swallowing, general lethargy.

It sucks!

And I can't reach for a soothing calming, melty bar of chocolate. Pah. Actually Lipotrim is a pretty decent diet from an illness point of view, it's only liquid. Oh yeah and I am chucking back black tea like it's going out of fashion.

I'm now staying with my mum (i'm now on leave for a week, typical!!) so on the sofa and abut to dive into an American magazine my sis in law sent. it appears at first glance to contain many MANY gorgeous looking recipes.

Won't be around much for a while (no weigh in tomorrow either) but will pop in when i can, in between feeling rubbish and having days out with mum :) then off to Leeds festival Thursday (can't wait!)

xxx have great weekends/weeks everyone!

(edit: lol, moany old thing :)!!
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Hi there,
Hope you feel better soon.
My friends are falling like flies with a virus at the moment , just waiting for my turn. must admit , i always crave bad things when im ill too.
Take care x


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thanks, i think it's a minor chest infection probably.

i hink with chocolate it's the meltingness and the kind of coating it gives your mouth and the warmth it gives you. which i'd just about forgotten, lol, until my sis had a portion of mississippi mud pie at lunch! (smelt amazing)

Mum said i look like i'm fading away :) :) of course i'm not that slim but nice to think there's a big difference every time i see her.


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hope your feeling better soon chick xxxxx
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I really hope you`re feeling better soon x

Can you have a choc shake hot and pretend its a nice hot chocolate?



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Hi Elle-emm,
typical it's when we get off on our holidays that we start getting ill. That used to happen to me all the time and I know from what you say you are on the go all the time and then when you start to unwind the body goes into shut down mode. Hope you start to feel better soon, enjoy the break, you deserve it.
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Feel better soon hun

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Aw woman, feel better soon. :D


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Well you deserve the old moan and groan lol.
You have been very supportive and kept many of us going so let us return the favour :)
I hope you get well soon enjoy yourself!

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