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Run for cover folks I'm in think mode again!

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I was thinking (using the term loosely today) about making a quieche (cann't spell either lol) for tea but I don't enjoy it without a base, soooooo brain cells woke up and I wondered if I could 3 slices of WW bread toasted in the bottom of the tin and then put the egg mixture on the top. Do you think it might just go to a soggy mush during cooking. Has anybody tried using other things for a base and don't say scan bran pleeeeeease lol xx
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there is one with a couscous base in the recipe section if thats any good to you


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Now come on Charlotte what's wrong with Scan Bran? It's perfect for tiling the roof so don't knock it, LOL.....

I can't help you with your recipe as I have not made one yet, but try the recipe thread, you may find something there to help you. X
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I don't think bread would work at all sorry!

There was a recipe somewhere recently for a SW 'quiche' that used sausagemeat to make like a crust. Obviously it was a red day quiche (or EE).

Thinking about it, if you're careful you might be able to make a pastry base and work out the syns per portion. *Angie* did a pizza this way, making the base herself and knowing how much flour was in it, so should could accurately syn it. If you make your pastry and weigh everything you could have your quiche and eat it! :D


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could you use smash as the base?


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you could use smash I suppose, same way as the smash bits, cook the bottom first so it doesn't go too soggy...or put the bread on top and turn it upside down when it's cooked...

I'm no good at this sort of thing!
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I think bread might go a bit soggy to be honest, but it's worth a shot! Let us know how you get on if you do try it.


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There is that pizza recipe in the recipes section tha uses smash as a base, i'm slightly dubious as don't like smash, but those that have tried it say its ok. Blind bake it first, then with topping, should be ok if you're quick as heat from just cooked base will start to firm the bottom up quite quickly stopping it going too soggy. Just make sure you're quick.


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how about filo pastry as a base? it's quite low in syns i think :)


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Note post by HollyM on page 3
It works best if the base is as thin and as dry as possible - add water till it starts making large crumbs then push out onto a baking tray lined with foil and sprayed with frylight to about 1/2 cm ideally. You can then turn it over and peel the foil off half way through.

Its not gonna taste exactly like a sinfull pizza but its a good substitute and if you put plenty of garlic and fresh basil in the base it removes some of the potato flavour. Good luck!

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