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Sad, but can we pass this on....

a friend of mine became pregnant after having gastric surgery. she used to have to set an alarm to drink lots of calorie-laden drinks and food all through the day and night to keep her baby alive.
i fell pregnant whilst on LL, i was 3 mths gone when i found out and as i had periods and i was told for yrs id not fall pregnant, i had no warning at all. i was scanned immediately and my baby had a very weak heartbeat so i was advised of the worst. Thankfully, all was fine and i have a beautiful healthy boy who is now 2 yrs old. I cant help but think the weak heartbeat was due to low cals on LL. I thank my lucky stars every day to be blessed with such a beautiful little boy, especially as id given up any hope at all!!
Oh guys, thank you :)

Lets spread the word!! Its better for everyone to be aware.

How tragic. I often wish gastric bypass and its countless variants had never been invented. This is only one sad story - I've heard tons. I don't understand how it is that so many otherwise sensible, health-conscious but overweight (and probably carb addicted) men and women end up agreeing to have their intestines and stomach butchered. To have their innards disconnected and then re-connected to a place they were never intended by nature to be hooked-up to. It's barbaric.

They face great risks in order to lose weight on what is, quite simply, a lifelong 'diet'. They could have dieted in the first place, with the right kind of help and support.

That poor girl. If her baby starved in the womb due to lack of nutrients, then it would be reasonable so suspect that the mother, also, is lacking nutrients, as a direct consequence of the bypass. Malabsorption issues are very common after bariatric surgery.

There has to be another way, people. There just has to be x
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