SB - Rock Chick - PICS !!!


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Oh Wow
When i came downstair last night ready to go to see The Manfreds featuring my heart throb Paul Jones (I adore intelligence and looks mixed,I've loved him since Iwas 12!!) my OH said
"Are you trying to look like a Rock Chick?
Because you do !!!!
(Paul Jones was invited to join the Rolling Stones in the '60s and turned them down)
I had a FAB time,wasthe first one up singing, clapping, shaking my tail feather. I've now got a husky voice and my hands sting from clapping.
A year ago I would still have gone, squeezed into my chair,worn size 28/30 black stuff,flat shoes and felt frumpy,old and miserable .
Green Tea please note if you see this.
Hang in there. If feels wonderful
Felt miserable.
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You look AMAZING!


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wow you look so good, stories like this do keep me going and although im still finding it really hard just now im fighting my demons and sticking to the diet. fingers crossed that one day ill be looking as good as you, xx


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Slenda you look amazing - glad you had such a great night :)


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Wow SB, how much have you changed? You look awesome! Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing this experience. I'm a big gig-goer, so I totally understand what you felt like in the big days!! Even now, 3 and a half stone down, I can tell the difference - for one I can jump around like a loon for 3 hours and not feel like I'm going to die!

B x


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WOW !!!!!

WOW !!!!!

Inspire me why dontcha!!
Lynne x


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Wow, very rock chick!!!!

You look amazing well done!


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Looking Fabulous!!!!!! :) x


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Thanks everyone

You are so right LS. It doesn't look like me.
The other day my LLC said "do you realise you stood about 3 feet back when that door just opened? You don't realise
that you don't take up much space any more!!"
It's true. I'm on a bit of a high with reaching goal at the moment -I keep expecting something to happen to knock me off my perch!
I know I won't go on feeling like this, but am enjoying it while it lasts.
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. xxx:angel09::bliss::bliss::bliss::queen::thankyou::character00100: