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Sims 2 & 3, WoW..Dash games...Any Game fans?


On a mission !
Hiya, I'm definately a geeky gamer chick!
I love the Sims , I have my own site for the Sims 2 called RockChickSims as I really enjoy creating content. I have also started to try and get my head round creating for Sims3 and will be uploading when we redo the site.
Also loved FF online but now play World of Warcraft (for the horde!! lol)
Also really enjoy cute little dash/time management games
Wedding Dash 1, 2 and 3
Ice Cream Dee lites
Cake Mania
Farm Craft
Spa Mania
Sallys Salon, Sally Spa etc
Well you get the general idea!!
I also love games like the Settlers series.
Fan also of Overlord , Fable & Final Fantasy series on console.
As for the Wii, I like using the wii fit for weekly weigh ins, plus fun stuff like Thrillville, We Cheer, Order Up etc etc

Anybody else a gamer ? What are your favourites? Any game due for release in the near future you're looking forward to?
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I am definitely a gamer but more on consoles than anything else really. I love Fable, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Project Zero, and loads more, I do love scary games :)
Although I have been a bit addicted to Guild Wars and Bejeweled 2 recently.
I'm a sims fan.. i even remember playing sims1 , wow hasnt it changed since then... I have sims3 now, havent been on it in a while though, but its pretty cool :) ... had a few problems installing it, but once installed i was on it for hours! lol.. thats all i play really now days, i dont have time for anything else... was playing alot of Bejeweled on my facebook, but they have changed the game now and just limited it to 1 min :( lol


Go on smile! =)
I play call of duty :)
I run a business in the online virtual world Secondlife. If youve never looked into it, and your graphics card is up to it, you gotta download Secondlife. Next year i'll be marrying the man i met online in SL :)


Motivated by you lot!
Yep, long time gamer here too. I have quite a varied taste in games but if a game is good I'll probably try anything.

I loved the Tomb Raider series and play Anniversary and Underworld still. I spent many hours playing GT3 (which was the reason I bought my PS2!) and will probably get the new one soon. Never really liked FPS until I tried Enemy Territory then became hooked and went on to Battlefield 2/Call of Duty 2 etc. It seems so much better when you play in a 'squad' with other real people.

I am surprised I have never played the Sims because I really like the look of it. My sister played it for a while and really liked it. Perhaps I will try Sims 3 soon.

I've recently built myself a new computer with the intention of game playing, as I haven't done it for a while and really like the look of some of the newer games, which my current laptop and PC would struggle with.

Most of my time is spent on LotRO which I have played since beta and I also played a lot of Guildwars and still look in once in a while.

Pollylicious, that's fantastic that you are marrying the person you met in SL! Well done you two! I did try SL in it's early years but wasn't really hooked, but I suppose it has come along quite a lot since then so maybe I will give it another go now I have a decent setup. If you don't mind me asking, what business do you run?

I couldn't list all the games I have played here but if anyone is interested, my Xfire name is also DiscPete - feel free to browse my profile.


On a mission !
I have 3 avatars on SL but sold my land and stopped making things when I saw someone had ripped off some of my sims content (which I do for free) and was selling it on sl Marketplace :( I can't be doing with that nonsense. I do love SL still and I really miss my garden. I loved going to heart garden centre and buying tons of lovely stuff. Congrats to you Polly! I hope you'll be very happy together x
Looking forward to WoW Cataclysm and wondering what the new hero classes might be later on. hmmmm
Currently playing Brutal Legend on ps3 (perfect for an old rock chick like me) and things like Turbo Subs etc on the PC. I am looking forward to Spa Mania 2 which is taking forever to come out!


Otherwise known as Jools
I'm a WoW'er mainly having played it for the last 3-4 years but sadly only 1 level 80 Warlock. Have 8 other toons at various levels including a DK but then that was a bit of cheat as it was already lvl 55 when started lol. Not too sure about WoW Cataclysm - Herioc Deadmines !!!! lol. Should be interesting going over the old areas again with the lock but would love to get some of my other toons up to lvl 80 so they can enjoy both versions. Have 1 horde toon - again a lock but this will be different spec to my ally one.

I regularly watch a friend play the GT5 Prologue Game on the PS3 and that looks amazing - almost tempted to get one myself but am crap at driving games. I have an original Xbox and play some of their old games on that - never upgraded to a 360 but might have to one day.
World of Warcrafthead here. Im a guild leader and have been playing for about 3 years now. Also love the Sims and have just got the World Adventures expansion for Sims 3.


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oh gosh i love sims, was adicted to sims 2 and pets, now im addicted to sims 3, i always make myself skinny and sexier, how i want to be haha


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I love the sims but OH wont let me have any :( I dont have time to get on the PC for one! He's on WoW all the time and i have a lvl 40 Night Elf Hunter and Boris my pet :D Love WoW and just got into PvP except im not designed for it! I've been doing the Arithi Basin but it tends to be over-run by Horde :(
I started playing WoW, but stopped as I didn't find it as social as I hoped - everyone I played with seemed to be about 12 and spoke minimal english! I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing with some bits so gave up :D Keep thinking about going back though :D
I LOVE the Sims 2 :D My hubby got me into the Sims 1 many years ago and I got hooked, I do own the Sims 3 aswell but it just doesn't feel the same to me, I'm quite happy with my Sims 2 lol


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I have The Sims 3 for Xbox 360, love it, but don't play it as much as I should!!!

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