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slimming buddy?

So over Christmas I've managed to gain about 4lbs.. Completely my own fault as I decided to let go over Christmas.. I hadn't really told my family about Slimming World, so whilst I was back there was an abundance of chocs, roasts, cheeses and snacks.

BUT I'd like to draw a line and start again! before Christmas I managed to lose 2stone! So happy! Just really want to get back on track.. I joined Slimming World in October, I'd love somebody to make sure I stop eating badly! :) And of course I'll be an ear after weigh-ins etc!

Little about myself: I'm 20, a third year student at university, and a full time snacker... I live with my 3 gorgeous and tiny flatmates, and I have a lovely (albeit skinny) boyfriend of 4 years.

I'd love to hear from somebody who'd like a slimming buddy! :)
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