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Extra Easy Slimming Eats

thank you for posting the link :)


Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks evanesco, that's a great link!! Always great to get new inspiration! Maybe I'll pick one of the fish dishes to do on Valentine's Day! Here's to many years of yummy SW friendly recipes! NOM NOM!X
Yep sure is her site hehehe looks brilliant though

But i know what extra easy is but whats easy on her weekly menus????


Never gets tired of SW!
So it is!!! She's changed the name of it, it used to be livinglifetheextraeasyway!! That's what confused me!! I thought for a min it was just the same layout but not her! She is indeed a legend! I actually started a thread about her recently because I thought she deserved it! Very inspiring and I've tried many of her recipes which are always yummy!!X
Yes it is me :)

Same blog, just revamped and hosted to my own url so I could use more widgets and have more space for my food images etc, I was nearly up to my limit already. You are very limited on wordpress alone.

My blog and the support from everyone is what helps to keep me motivated, especially with no group to go to here. It also became a good distraction for me, when I had a miscarriage at the end of last year :(. I am really determined now to get all my weight off and keep it off and in turn become healthy.

I love sharing all my recipes and if others get as much enjoyment from them as I do. Then that makes me happy :)


I want to be fitter again
Wow brilliant site britmum !! So much better than slimming worlds own recipes. You have far more without tomatoes which is brilliant fro me as my daughter is allergic to them Thank you xxx
I agree with BrightonRosie, I think your recipes are usually a lot better than the SW ones!

If I fancy a recipe from the SW website, I always look at your site to see your version - it usually comes in at much lower syns/syn free.

You should write your own cookbook, you would make a fortune!

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