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slimming world books


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i apologise if i sounded cheeky! im desperate and broke and at 16st more miserable than ever thought i could use this site for support and was hoping to get some help with not having the money for books.
sorry again no offence was meant!


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You should be able to find a lot of information on this site - there are some excellent threads in the 'sticky's' section that should help and there are threads on Healthy Extras and syns and I am sure people will be able to help with any specific queries you may have.

Good luck


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thank you i think i'm going to need all the luck i can get but i've already signed up for gym so fingers xd :)


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get to go to gym free thanks to my doc woo hoo! hopefully ill burn some weight sell my clothes as tents and buy books lol :)


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no :( going to use this whole site as support though every1 seems really nice so dont want to shame myself by not losing going to weigh myself at gym every tuesday and try and sweet-talk my mam into buying books for me haha!
Joining cost £10 if there's an offer on, do yourself a favour and join get the info etc, try if you can to carry on, perhaps ask for an early Christmas present of a countdown?


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Tbh, I think its worth spending the tenner to get all the bumf when you first join if youve never done the plan before. You dont have to go back to the class after that if you dont want to.

There are loads of posts on here about whats free, hex and syn values, so once you have the basic free foods in the books, it is easy to use here for further updates.
You will only pay £10 on your first session with SW as there is an offer on. That way you will get the plan explained to you properly and the new books.

A tenner well spent I'd say and cheaper than buying them on ebay.

Irene xx
Are you looking for the books you get when you join slimming world
yeah ive got the ebook but printer is bust and sick of puttin laptop on everytime i want a recipe or check values did weight watchers a while back nd hated counting everything going to keep asking my doctor if she'll start referral system fingers xd

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