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Slimming World Mag

sweet pink

is losing for shoes

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Thanks Jaylou. I havent got the november/december one yet so must keep looking out for it in the shops
I find it a bit rubbish full stop nowadays.
I used to like the menu plan but now it's only ee and always has bread with breakfast I find there isn't much for me.
I only really get it for the recipies but then you can get so many for free online I suppose it is a bit pointless!
However, you do get the 2011 calendar with this months issue which is good and you can get it even cheaper if you buy it at group :rolleyes:
There is always a guide towards the back of all the values of each of the recipes for green/red/EE - but I guess the receipes are still created to support EE and might not necessarily be good for green or red.

I'm lucky in that I only joined this year and have done EE from the start, so all the mags and books are perfect for me, but it does seem unfairly weighted towards people like me. I noticed the new christmas book only has EE syn values listed, no mention of green or red at all!

Have you seen on the offy SW website there's a "survey" of which recipe book you'd like them to do next.

There's a grand total of TWO (count 'em, two) choices:

Extra easy - 50 quicky and easy meals with no more than 5 ingredients


Extra easy - 50 quick and easy meals in minutes!

Cant remember the exact wording but they really were that similar!! Great choice there then
You can still get the red and green cookery books in group, the paperback ones. They are good.

It does say in this month's mag to subsitute meat for quorn in a lot of the dishes to make them free on green.

EE is the big plan for SW now, they are going to push it and I really think that red and green will fade further into the background.

However.... those of us who do red and green have been around long enough to be able to work out syn values etc from EE meals :)

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