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Slimming World Online

Last question....I promise!!

Does any one on here do Slimming World Online. It seems quite expensive compared to WW online and I wondered what you get for that?

I dont really want to speak to anyone on the phone ( I must be the only women who doesnt like speaking on the phone?) But would like to be able to buy all the recipe books and possibly the bars too?

Do I get access to an online shop to buy their stuff if I sign up?

Sorry so many questions, i just want to make sure I make the right choice!

Thanks All x
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unfortunately they do not have an online shop like WW, where you can buy bars etc, they only have an online book store type thingy.

My online subscription has run out and I dont want to renew it until after baby is here, so can't comment on what the new upgrade to the website is like.

However the old website I have to be honest is definatley not worth the money it costs for what you get, and they were really poor at updating too, they seem to put more of any effort into lifeline online, again hopefully that has now changed.

The only reason I continued with a subscription was because I live in Canada so have no option of a group meeting to go to.
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Thanks for your response, I dont think I'll bother then! especially not for what it costs!!!

I didnt want to go to one class and then never show up again as its seems a bit harsh on the leader - but I guess Ill have to!

Weight watchers website is really good - youd think they would want to keep up with the competition!
I always thought the body optimise option seemed hugely expensive.

Have you thought about going to a class to get the information and books and then following it from home with support from here?

Have you thought about going to class at all? Just seems if you're going to spend the money on doing the plan online you could get a whole lot more, for a lot less, by going to class - understand that's not for everyone though.
Just to add, online members pay exactly the same as group members (if not more) and of course group members get the additional support of a group meeting and on hand consultant etc.

They definately need to reduce their price a little for online members.
Just to give another view- I loved it and it helped me reach (and still maintain) my target!

It meant I had access to all the information I wanted without having to actually go to a class every week- to me the class/social/leader side was always the painful bit. I was in control myself this way, without feeling I was compromising my understanding of the plan because I didn't have all of the necessary planners/diarys/exercise logs/awards.

I really does depend on what you want from 'support'- it was worth the money to me, but I can really appreciate that it wouldn't be the best option to others.

I guess a good idea would be to work out what you need/want to help you lose weight succesfully and then see which of the options meets your requirements best, whether it be alone, online or via a class.

Good luck
Go to meeting and get the books and bars u need? If not eBay have them but tad expensive
Totally agree with Cocktail Princess. The old Body Optimise site was fairly basic but did give you all the info you needed. It has now been upgraded / merged with the class members site but I am yet to explore it thoroughly so don't know how much it has improved (if at all!) CP is right, decide how you want to lose weight and make that option work for you. I'm happy with my choice - hope you will be too! Good luck x


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I have to say that my money for body optimise has been the BEST money I have spent in a long, long time. I agree that it is a bit expensive in some ways but the site is better now that it matches the main/class website. I have absolutely no regrets about starting and fully intend to continue my subscription for the forseeable future.

I agree with what others have said though - it depends on what you need from SW. I don't seem to need the group support (which I feel I get from here) and don't feel the need to have the weigh in, in front of someone. You can get all the books however you can't get HiFi bars (which I love). However I also love alpen lights and weetabix oaty bars so that's ok !!!

Whatever you decide have a weekly weigh in day and write it down. It's not good enough to just jump on the scales every day as you may lose track and focus (eg when you've gone up for some unknown reason in the middle of the week), it helps to see what you've achieved so far.

Gail x


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I use the SW plan but as I already have the books I decided to use this place as my support method rather than SW Online, it just seems too expensive to me, especially as there's no support, no forum etc. just info. Just my opinion though, seems to have worked for others, I guess it depends on what you need from it.
I think slimming world must lose a lot of their online customers after their initial subscription. As there isn't much of an incentive to keep you on there once you have the main information you need, apart from the syn calculator of course and that certainly isn't worth 30 pounds a month.

I think my trouble is, I have used weight watchers in the past, and their website is miles ahead in comparison, so I was a bit disappointed. It is a shame as the diet is brilliant.
I've always thought it strange that SW don't invest a bit more money into their online resources, as the WW site is amazing, and I think for those who want to follow a plan solely online, WW does have the edge there.

I am joining the online SW tomorrow,i also think its expensive for what you get but i need the support and it also is the only way to gain the passowrd for the online tools which i find helpful.I have tried every class in my area and then some! Some i manage to stay at for quite a while but as soon as i mess up i find it hard to go back.So i thought i would try to go it alone so i dont have that group pressure to lose every week.
I love the online tools - Filling out the food diary and fit logs really helps me stick to plan and has helped me find hidden syns. I have the site on my lap top at work and at home minimised so I can check syn values quickly.
It wasn't anywhere near £30 a month for me as I did the bronze membership - it was £57 for 3 months and I also got a week free as a christmas present. So it's about £4.40 a week which I don't mind paying as I was weighing in at a group and not really getting much info or support there the first two weeks.
Having said that, I'd never have coped with the plan without minimins too!!
I would be tempted to join a group and just go to get weighed then you get full access to the website and the added bonus of someone on the phone/text if you need it. Personally I love being group member as I have total support; every week in group, by text, phone, email, facebook, as well as on here. But as other people have said, only you know what works for you and you need to do what suits you best.
Just to agree - it's definitely not £30 per month. Also, once your initial subscription runs out there are always offers available for renewal. Last time I paid £80 for 6 months and got a free week for Christmas. Money well spent for me!
Sorry I meant 20 pounds a month which is still the same if not more than what a group member pays who gets online access the exact same AND group meeting support.

Weight watchers charge 29.85 for 3 months access and their site has a huge database of online resources. I just think SW are overcharging by miles.

As I said though I love the diet and because I do not have the option of meetings I will be renewing my membership once the baby is here. But I do feel it is not updated enough and is very basic especially for overseas members. I feel I am just paying that much for a syns calculator really as that is the only thing that I need consistently once I have all the other information and even the calculator can be inaccurate at times.

Hopefully the site has improved now they have combined it all and I have sent many suggestions to SLimming World, such as developing a healthy extra calculator which would be an absolute godsend to overseas members.
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I am considering the online membership but it is very expensive, I want to be able to buy the books and have access to syns calculator as I have posted a question on here regarding morrisons creamy mushroom pasta in sauce and can't seem to get a response regarding syns. After your initial payment do they just charge monthly and do you get any discounts?
I signed up for online last week and I picked the silver option for £65, I had to pay upfront for the 3 months.

It oks, I've been filling in the food diaries online and there are lot more recipes which is fab. It could still do with some tweaking, it would be great if we could have a weekly food planner so we add and work out our syns for a week and then run a shopping list off from it to take with us. Theres a website called shopping planner where you can select recipes and work out what you need for the week and if SW online could let you select the recipes from their collection for a week and put it in a list you can print it would be a real winner.
shopping list, meal planning and recipe sharing software from Shopping Planner

I have a target in mind that I want to get below before I go back to my group as I need to push myself on my own. My consultant and group are brilliant but I just wanted to focus on myself. My first weigh in is tomorrow so hopefully it will have paid off :D


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I am considering the online membership but it is very expensive, I want to be able to buy the books and have access to syns calculator as I have posted a question on here regarding morrisons creamy mushroom pasta in sauce and can't seem to get a response regarding syns. After your initial payment do they just charge monthly and do you get any discounts?
Hi - the resubscriptions are 3 months for £45, 6 months for £80 or 12 months for £140. Alternatively you can just let it run for £20 per month (and I presume if you do that you can just stop it at any time). I have continued my subscription after the initial period and have no intention of letting it lapse. You can buy all the books online (I think there is a postage charge) as well as access to a syns calculator, shiny's (for your awards) and a big recipe database. The only think you can't buy online are HiFi bars and scanbran (the scanbran you can get from some shops).

It has been the best money I have spent in a long long time but I think it is quite expensive compared to what you get for weight watchers online (from what I understand from Minimins having never done weight watchers).

Hope it goes well.

Gail x

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