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Slimming World party

Yeah our consultant all gave us invites last week its for SW ruby anniversary. Its all red themed and going to be on tatser night so if you like you can take in some red food and wear a red outfit etc.
We aren't having a theme! I like that. Wish we were! We're just having a party with everyone bringing tasters in.

I want to do something a bit unusual, that other people might not have thought of. Might do my tagine, as it's so tasty. Not really buffet/finger food though! I could do the SW scotch eggs perhaps...will have a think!
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Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
oooooh this sounds good - my group is Thursday, so no doubt it'll be mentioned then ..... I hope! I'm going to take in some strawberry mousse I tried recently, it's made with low-cal jelly, strawberry mullerlight yoghurts, and topped withe strawberries ..... it's lovely AND very low syn .... AND it's red! I've just bought a lovely size 10 red tunic dress today, so I'll wear that with my black size 12 jeggings and ankle boots - what a show off I am! lol

Best o'luck'n'stuff everyone!
Aww no fair!! We never have parties or taster nights :( well my C alllllwayyyys say "oooh we will arrange a taster night soon" but it never happens.....SAD TIMES!!! xx
You should be Loll...every class should be!! If you aren't, ask your C why and make her do it! They've all been sent the stuff...
I completely agree Hellie - all classes should be doing this! If the consultants don't bother I'd be making a call....

We are wearing red and taking food on a 60's theme (if possible!)

I'm making a low syn sherry trifle or a smoked salmon terrine, not sure which yet!
Even my rather "relaxed" consultant has finally given out the invites. We are having a taster night and wearing red.

Personally I think we should all celebrate our bodies by being naked for the entire party, except for the odd red ribbon.
We got our invites last night, our party is next week.

I have a list of potentials I might make :D the onion bhaji's, gingerbread squares, mini quiches, or maybe stuffed new potato skins?
Our consultant said that they are trying to get in the guiness book of records for the biggest party, so to take as many friends as possible!!

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