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Slimming World Poll. 2nd Attempt lol

Does the Slimming World brand need a revamp?

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Poll is grabbing everyones attention....NOT.......teeheehee :)
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weird, I only just found this today!

I for one would really like to see a more uniform approach across the meetings in that they are all as interactive as the next one. I know they can only be as dynamic as the leader/consultant, however that needs to be taken into account when they are hired. When ever someone has a really good week, I would love to know what they have done differently but we whizz by that so quickly that we never get the chance and we never have any open discussions either.

Hi Steph, i started the Poll last night perhaps thats why you only noticed it then lol. I agree they seem to cram so much in such a short space of time and it does get repetitive and does bores people to tears to the point where they dont come to class and end up giving in. If sSW could transform into a up and coming modern approach to weight loss they will certainly excel themselves.

Wake up someone @ slimming world! we love you, just smarten up
Ruthy xxx
Thanks to everyone who has done the poll so far, any newbies or oldbies please take if you havent done already.


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Have just voted - I would like to see an exercise part of class.
Our SW consultant is brill we do food tasting already and the ready meals are to be in supermarkets soon (read from the newsletter). We exchange recipes and many ideas.
Yes we do the 'clapping' but I think it is okay.
I have heard some moans about other consultants and if I was not happy I would walk away.
So far we have got 34 votes in total....so where, when the poll is finished, do we go from here?
I wasnt aware that SW was entering the supermarkets as a brand, thats suprised me! my SWC hasnt mentioned anything to us in class.....well i can say that, i havent stayed to class for 4 weeks ...hmm



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S: 11st5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st11lb(6.92%)
Our SWC mentioned it a few weeks ago when she was reading out the info from HO - they have been in the planning for quite a long time from what was said.
Maybe a SW 'mystery slimmer' would be a good idea go to various classes and see how good/not so good the classes are being run?
What about mentioning the classes we think are run well?
I noticed that recipes are appearing in this years magazines were in last years ones also.
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I voted for some exercise and entering the supermarket as a brand. I know the exercise thing won't be possible because of public liability insurance, it would mean the classes cost would have to go up to cover insurance and to hire an exercise instructor for each area.
Damned if you do and damned if you dont then, Rose Connally fitness classes work though and they are not expensive, but then you need leaders who are both qualified to do exercise and consultancy.

I dont know what to suggest then
Ruthy xxx

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