Slimming world with a day or two calorie counting a week

Do you think this could work

I started off doing slimming world again a few weeks ago after success with it a few years back but I've sick gained all the weight back and more. But after a couple of weeks I gave up and went over to calorie counting as I was finding sw quite hard and restrictive this time.

Now sw works well for losses... but here are the struggles I have.

I am hungry on it. As much as you're not meant to be I am. Free foods just don't keep me full. Even the free carbs like pasta and rice will fill me for up to an hour then I'll be hungry again. Speed foods which i had with each meal and as snacks even less. I didn't like eating constantly. I felt too bloated to feel like eating but too hungry to not eat. The only foods that fill me and keep me full are breads and foods on the HeB lists... but I couldn't eat enough of them to satisfy me as tyre obviously restricted. I could have enough of these calorie counting.

I eat out up to twice a week with work. I'm a support worker and we are expected to take the clients out where they want to eat and eat with them. Jacket potatoes get very boring very quickly. But many pubs have a less than 500 cal list.

Ill and picky partner. Won't eat much beyonder his comfort zone, won't eat anything in a sauce except pasta, won't cook anything out of his comfort zone or that he doesn't like. I can't be doing with preparing 2 meals, preparing a separate meal or washing up from 2 meals.

I'm really thinking about going back to slimming world plan back use it works but I'm wondering is it worth it. This is why I'm wondering if 2 call counting days a week may be a good compromise. Thoughts?