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Smell of food starting to get to me!

sorry, just had to get that off my chest, as i dont think that its very supportive of her.. but whatever lol.. feel better now lol. don't worry, i'll be supportive when you start Bev!


My other half and lodger been cooking chilli for the last 2 hours.. they are eating now.. they have left their washing up, and the whole house smells of food!!.. i've just eaten my soup, and am sulking in bed. :(
I promise that it does get easier the longer you stick to it. I don't mind the smell of cooking now and it used to get to me BIG TIME. Each day you will get stronger and with it comes a stronger resolution to stick to it - think of the end result - a slim you! Now isn't that worth it?
thanks everyone. hopefully by the end of the weekend i should stop being hungry?..


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
It is really hard but u will soon stop feelin hungry. I got to cook for my 2 kids and its really hard. Stay strong n just like Minz said, fink of the end result. Drink plenty water to help with pangs
Sharon xx


in this to win!..
I'm not going to lie, i still cant stand the smell of food when my girlfreind cooks, and i'm on day 14!!

Everyones different, dont wait around to suddenly lose interest in the food when you smell some, just start thinking about the end result.
Arrange something to do when you reach your goal like a holiday or present, it really helps take away the urge to slip into oldways;)

We're thinking of you.

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