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Smoked haddock as a HE

Hi just checked my food diary and its coming up with 142g of haddock doesnt mention if smoked or unsmoked ill report back soon when i find my book :)
Fish, Haddock, plain/smoked, raw/cooked without fat, 28g 1 so ireckon cos saying plain/smoked that it would class as hexb, hth or syn it per 28g as 1 syn if it works out roughly 6 for it then hexb it :)
Thanks Jacqui much appreciated :)
Thanks Avisk, I ended up not having it so will know for when I do.
Anyone who watched Masterchef this week will now know that you poach smoked fish in milk but fresh fish in water with something acidic like lemon juice.

My mother (wonderful woman but not a terrific cook) always used to overcook cod in milk. Took me years to discover that fish was not supposed to taste like that! Or look like that, either!!
Be aware of smoked mackerel as this is very high in syns due to the way it is dried and then smoked
Thanks Brightonsrosie that's why I asked as I remember from doing SW before alot of people were caught out (myself included) thinking that smoked mackerel was free but drying and smoking causes water loss therefore making it lighter which means you could eat more.....a bit like cooked fruit I suppose though not the same process as cooked fruit breaks down the fibres normally broken down by the body whereas smoking means water loss and easier to eat more...I know what I mean lol!
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