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so hungry even after loads of food

Things quite stressful and worrying in out house at the moment. I have been hungry and empty even though I have ate loooooads:
Wheetabix with banana
Ham fried rice
Chicken curry with roasted veg

In n addition I have had a melon, grapes, apples, yoghurt..
do its not as if I am not eating, must be the stress making Mr hungry n any advie
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Make sure you drink lots of water, im always hungry! haha
I go on green days when im really hungry....i love noodles with soy sauce and beansprouts and treat myself to a small tub of curry sauce from the chinese. It fills me up and feels like im being really naughty, plus its only 6syns (curry) And theres still enough syns left for some choccie! Thats my fail safe thing!

Make sure your eating plenty of superfree foods....I always find that the more i eat the more weight i lose!


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Are you eating on the run? With a lot going on you may just be distracted while you're eating (maybe worrying about the house) and you're not registering what you're eating? Eating consciously, without distractions, makes a huge difference so it's worth taking a moment to get away from all the stress, sit down and take your time to enjoy your meal. Stressed, harried eating is not only unsatisfying but also not great for your digestion!
i am eating plenty of superfree/free i think, just very hungry. I am eating earlier and almost having lunch right after breakfast i am so hungry. No matter what i eat i dont seem to feel full. I will try more water and fruit. I really dont wanna resort to chocolates, but feel a quick fix would help - not worth it though especially as my weight losses are very slow or non existent when on track. I am still trying to get back on track after my 2 weeks AWOL session.

thx for advice

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