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so i'm totally new and ready for this...i think

so i was diagnosed with pcos nearly 4 years ago. i slid into a slippery slide of depression about not being able to have children. the stones piled on slowly and i am now at the heaviest i have ever been. :cry: so now is the time to drag myself up from this pit and get on with my life. i am only 19 so come on and i have a great dbf. so got to stop being lazy and get my bum into motion if i ever want a chance to have a chance at being happy and having a family. any tips anyone can give me please? like foods to avoid, supplements to take? cheers :eek:

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Hey I dont have pcos but have wandered into this part of the forum, hope you don't mind me answering your post!

Are you on any particular diet, I thought at one point I had pcos so know a little about it, I have heard that eating a low carb diet is supposed to be good. There is a 'pcos diet' if you google that you can read up about it.
I believe that just losing weight any how will help.

As far as being able to conceive, alot of women get told they have pcos and their 1st thought is that they wont be able to conceive and this is obviously not true.
I have a friend who has it and she is pregnant with baby number 3!
If you do have problems conceiving then there are ways in which your doctor can help such as putting you on Metformin or trying the fertility drug Clomid.

Good luck with your weight loss hun.
I wouldnt worry too much about the fact you have pcos (i have been on dianette since 19/ 20 yrs of age i think so get a period every month now but used to be once every 3 months) but would focus on finding a diet that works for you in relation to getting your weight down. I know lots of ppl that have pcos and have kids and the healthier you are the easier it is to manage it. So all the best on your weight loss journey and look forward to reading more as you progress. Hugs. ps - i came off dianette (the pill) for about 6 months a couple of yrs back and actually had a 40 day cycle which although might not be a 28 day one but is way better than a 3 month one so I know our bodies do change as we lose weight/ age etc. All the best x
so lost3lb in a week...doctor saysthats really good for pcos so yay. hoping if i lose enough weight my DH andi can start TTC =D target is to lose around 3/4lb a week. wish me luck
Hiya I just thought I should share that I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19. I was so scared I wouldnt be able to have kids and yet 6mths later I was pregnant.. I had a baby at 20 one when I was 23 and another at 25. Ive found that my PCOS has got worse as I have got older I am now 30 and my periods are missing in action and my weight is yuck . But I guess what I am saying is babies are usually easier to have the younger you are with PCOS
I was also 20stone when I got pregnant so weights not always a problem
congrats on babies and thanks for giving me that little bit more hope. thats all i want is to have children. i dote on my little nephew but it isnt the same as having yoour own baby. so thank you again for giving me hope xx
hi sazikins91 and :welcome: to the forums. Congrats on your weight loss so far - you are on your way.

I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago so completely empathise with you regarding being told you might not have kids - I also became depressed. I have been taking Metformin every day since I was diagnosed so am keeping my fingers crossed that when the time arrives I will be able to have a baby.

I have tried various diets which are supposed to work for those with PCOS. The problem is I love my carbs way too much so the Low GI diet and low carb diets were like punishment to me. I lost 5 and a half stone a few years ago on Weight Watchers but due to falling off the wagon completely I have put alot of that back on. I am back on WW now and seeing good results. I think it depends on which diet you think will work better for you and as long as lose weight (however little) it will increase your chances of conceiving massively!

Wishing you the best of luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x
thank you sharkbait for replying to my post. well done on previous weight loss and i'm sure you can get there again. i am due to start WW at end of this month,so hopefully i can have some results like you. i hope that your time comes soon to have a precious baby of your own. baby and weight loss dust coming your way xxx
Hiya, can I just say to anyone with PCOS that Jools, Jamie Oliver's wife has PCOS and is currently pregnant with child number 4!

I had surgery last year to remove a large cyst and as a consequence, had to have that ovary removed.

I have never had a proper menstrual cycle and am currently on norethisterone to try kicking me into one.

I've asked my consultant several times because I do worry and he's said there's no point in worrying about being able to conceive as you won't know until you try, some people have trouble, others don't - the best you can do it to be positive and get into good physical shape, the rest is up to nature xx

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