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Sort of O/T - Flylady


Wondered if anyone applies some of the logic of Flylady when losing weight?

I don't subscribe to the 'shiny sink and shoes done up to laces' malarky but I do get the 15 mins at a time theory - both in keeping the house sorted (was a terrible hoarder, now just want uncluttered and minimalist, just like my weight loss :p) which is why I think the mini targets and goals are so key to succeeding. Like if you have a bad day - getting over the "ah, I've blown it, I'll go mad" thought and getting back to thinking tomorrow is another day etc.

I'm rambling now :rolleyes:

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LOL :doh:

I thought everyone knew about Flylady :p

In a nutshell, it's an American system of sorting out the clutter in your house - and instead of saying "my house is in such a mess, I'll do it tomorrow" 'Flylady' recommends you break it down into smaller parts - such as keeping your sink clear every day, only working at things for 15 mins at a time then have a break cos everyone can do 15 mins at a time etc.

So in the same way, saying I have to lose x amount of weight is such a big number to deal with, so in my case, to say I will be a 16 by Xmas is a mini goal (my 15 mins).

Just had a look at the Flylady website as I must admit I didnt know what it was either!....Sorry, but I thought it was a bit too over the top.
However I do go by the principle that I go by half a stone losses rather than how much I have still to go...so for example, I have 5lbs to go until I get by 7 stone mark!
Oh, it's a totally OTT system as a whole (and big big business), but just nicking the 15 mins theory works for me. Yep, she decrees that you should get dressed 'to shoes' every day cos slopping round in slippers doesn't get your head straight for the day ahead - pah, some days slippers and pjs are the only thing that gets me through at all ;)
Ah, I'm gonna take a look at this - I do agree with the getting dressed thing though, If I stick my shorts and T shirt on (i have some old combat type ones) and don't do the make up/hair thing, I feel really yuk!!

Strange, I've never done the PJ thing and don't let my daughter do it either but my mates and their kids do it often on weekends. I'm the odd one out!
does anyone else look at the moneysavingexpert's forum 'moneysaving old style'?

i've not been there for a few weeks, but i used to visit it everyday and they've actually got a flylady thread on there which is FAB!!! :D
I LOVE FLYLADY! I have her book and I try REALLY hard to apply some of her ideas to my housework.

I get what you mean about mini targets etc...I don't have too much trouble with dieting (not eating is a lot easier to me than getting on with the cleaning is) but I can see how the gradual approach might work, for some people.
I had never heard about this sitee or lady before but after having a good read for the last half hour, whilst a little ott as some mentioned i actually think she has some good principles for helping a person get organised and lord knows after not long having a baby, my other half moving in and my eldest begining her "moody" years it could actually help lol

I think looking at weight loss in small bite size peices is easier, whilst it's good to to know your overall goal it could take a while to get there but if you have mini goals then you feel a sence of achievement for every goal acomplished:)

Great site:)
does anyone else look at the moneysavingexpert's forum 'moneysaving old style'?

i've not been there for a few weeks, but i used to visit it everyday and they've actually got a flylady thread on there which is FAB!!! :D
I sometimes use the old style forum, but mainly go on there now to chat on the parents thread in moneysaving in familys and relationships.
I am a diehard MSE fan!

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I had never heard of flylady before either - I must lead such a sheltered life! I took a look via the link and reckon that some of it sounds ok ....... Hhhmmmm ..... it was definitely a good idea for me breaking my weightloss goals into little chunks - If I had thought at the start about how much I really wanted to shift or how long I might be trying to lose it, I might not have got to this point by now!
OMG somebodies written a book about cleaning, I'm in the wrong job, I could do that, and write one on cooking and gardening and being a mother etc lol.
I could write a book about eating and sitting down a lot.

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