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Seems there are a few of us in the East Sussex/Kent area; just wondered if anyone fancies meeting up? If so, note your interest and a preference of location, and whether you'd prefer day or evening. I'll start:

Cheb: Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton (mmm I'm easy)
Next week Mon - Thurs day or pm, after that Wed or Fri, day or any evening
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I'm the same preferance as Cheb.... I need her to give me a lift!! LOL

Lets get together!

Any evening is good for me at the moment as DH is off so have a babysitter. I'm not particularly fussy where.

sounds like fun to me!
Hi! Anyone have an idea what day/date we will be meeting up? Cant "weight" to get together! LOL
Ooooh I live in Brighton! Where/when etc?!! Can't do monday, but other evenings are fine!
South East meet, Brighton

Sounds as Brighton might be the best for everyone and I get the feeling that evenings are preferable.

I don't know where to suggest we meet cos I'm not that familiar with the city, will e mail DQ cos it's her home ground, to see if she has a preference.

Anybody else able to come? The more the merrier!

So one evening next week?
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Hiya - depends what you want to do. Are you all SS? There are loads of places to go, just depends what you wanna do!
Lots of coffee places in Churchill Square Mall - depends what people are looking for really. I'm useless - cos I live here I never go out here (if you know what I mean!) :rolleyes:

Okay so here we go.......

Loopytigger, Cheb & June will be in Brighton on Wednesday. Can't go to Brighton without hitting the shops so we will spend some time shopping but will stop for coffee and hopefully others can meet up.

So DQ, Barb, JFC & Dom, how are you fixed on Wed? We can meet in the afternoon or evening or both, we have no curfew as the hubbys' have 'offered' to have the kids as long as we like while we go out to play!

Think Tpott and Helly will come too but haven't heard back from yet.
I finish work at 5, so can be at churchill square around 5.30 - how about starbucks around that time?

Pooh, I can't do this week. All hell is breaking loose workwise and my Brother is in town for the 1st time in a year on Wednesday so I have to be available for outings in the evening. Enjoy yourselves without me. Love
Will try but no promises (packing for holiday and got the kids this Wednesday :rolleyes: ) Will PM my mobile number to Cheb so I can let her know :)