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STARTING 2MORO!! (30/05/09)

Hey guys n girls!! :newbie:

Went for 1st consultation 2day and start diet 2moro (30/05/09) and i CANT WAIT :happy036:
so i was wonderin if people would leave me some good suggestion 4 the shakes, best way 2 have them etc..

Will get a weight ticker sorted after my 1st weigh in..

Lookin 4ward 2 hearin from u all...
Cheers, Jody :talk017:
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Hi Jody, I started this morning and am really excited about doing LT too. Feel very motivated and positive about loosing weight, being on here helps loads, everyone is lovely!:D

Apparently if you crush loads of ice it makes the shakes taste nice, theres more ideas on here, just search the threads. ;)

Take care xx:talk017:


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Welcome - If u look on the main threds there is 1 called "what maid my first week fly" there are loads of tips. Good luck x


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Hey Jody, like Flame I just started today. I was excited too. I hope that excitement gets me through the first week :p


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hiya hun yes crushing ice is lovely especially in a streberry one makes it taste like mcdonalds strewberry shake but dont add as much water as they say, chocolate one i put a peppermint teabag in cup add boiled water with 2 sweetners then add it to choc with little bit of cold water lovely as it turns chocolate one into mint choc always reminds me of the tast of mint areo i wont drink it as in choclate and wont drink pepermint tea on there own but together taste lush, with the vanilla do the same as the mint but add coffee to ya vanilla one this is lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too i have coffee one to help wake me up and mint choc one before bed. good luck for tomorrow and we all here to surport you.


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Hi Jody, best of luck starting tomorrow, try all the shakes and the soup and then try them different ways as suggested above. I like the chocolate one hot and sometimes I halve the chocolate powder and halve the vanilla powder and mix them together for a different taste. Best of luck.
Hey madhousemum, the peppermint and coffee suggestions r great will give them a go..

And thanks every1 else, glad theres people hear 2 chat with about the diet...

Heres 2 slimmer times :bliss:


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Welcome all you newbies and good luck on this Lipotrim journey!!

I now have all my shakes as 'mousses' (I use the term losely you understand ;)) Just about 50mls of water in a small bowl plop the whole lot of powder in (if you try to stir it in gradually it goes even lumpier than otherwise in MY experience - but it might be me) gently turn the powder over till its all wet and then mix like the devil with a spoon. Trial and error is the only way to find out how much water YOU prefer and what consistency you like. Sometimes they're really quite smooth, but I like them lumpy too!! You have to have an extra glass of water if you do this because you're not having it in your shake, but I MUCH prefer them to having shakes.

You may notice on the Lipotrim carrier bag it says you can do this with choc or vanilla but doesn't mention strawb. I decided to try it one day and it was okay but I rang LT anyway to find out why you weren't supposed to do it as my pharmacy didn't know. Neither did the woman I spoke to! She asked me had I tried it and said if it had been okay then to carry on! I'm not fussy on strawberry anything though so I phased them out and I just have van & choc now and flapjacks when I go to work for convenience.

Look forward to seeing how you all get on! xx


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Good luck dumplings! I started yesterday and am really excited about loosing weight! Remember that drinking lots of water is the key xxx:grouphugg:
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i know you should see how full my fridge is with all the bottles of water!! :) :)
Drink drink drink drink thats what i keep telling myself!!


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Hi good luck not that you'll need it all you need is the water the water and of course the toilet. I've just started week 4 and loving it how sad must I be but I never thought at the start I'd feel like this especially so quickly I think the biggest thing as everyone says stick to it 100 % keep sipping the water and if you find it tough just get through that minute and it passes. And if you need any inspiration have five mins reading some of the losses on here.


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Welcome and the best of luck, hope you like water!!!!!!:p
Hi Dumplings same start date as me :D
had choc shakes so far and i must say they taste ALOT better than i thought they would so i just hope the vanilla and strawberry r just as nice :cross:


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Welcome babybear and all newbies!

I must say the chocolate shake hot is absolutely divine - just like hot chocolate! I add sacahrin sweetners too! If its any help im on day 13 now and im finding the shakes really nice, cant wait for 2:30 to come so I can have my next shake, i really enjoy them.
Jodie x
Ok ive now tried a strawberry shake and i must say..... it doesnt taste of anythin does any1 else agree?? so now im interested about tryin the vanilla later.

O and i know its only day 1 but good god im hungry!!!! :17729:

but anyway must suck it in and get on with the job in hand!

Wobbley Woo

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How much ICE and how much WATER do you use to make the crushed ice one ?

Do you need a liquidizer to crush the ice?
Good question wobbley woo i was also wonderin about the ice factor in shakes....

Just bought a hand held blender (£5.99 from morrisons) 2day so hopin that will work when addin ice :confused:

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
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Yes I got a hand blender from Tesco, I am going to buy ice cubes, lazy I know but not got any ice bags etc yet lol

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